Jack o'Donkey

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Jack o'Donkey

Jack o'Donkey
  • A Jack o'Donkey is a tier 3 mount. It belongs to the Unique Mounts category. It was craftable for a limited period of time using:
  • 1000 x

Starting with the Percival update on July 10th 2019 Jack o'Donkey turns into a mount skin token that can be consumed to permanently unlock the respective visually alike account wide mount skin. The skin is purely cosmetic and the stats will remain those of the base mount, Novice's Mule.

Mount Hitpoints 268
Move Speed Bonus +35%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus +75%
Armor 0
Magical Resistance 0
CC Resistance 0
Max Load +320

Stats are based on Normal quality and they slightly scale the higher the quality of the mount unless their base is 0.