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A journal is an item that acts as a passive bonus to your activities in Albion. You can acquire empty journals from laborers or you can buy them from other players through the marketplace.

Three different types of journals exist:

Journals can be filled if you carry them in your inventory while doing certain journal specific activities. Gathering journals fill up while you gather resources, crafting journals fill up while you craft items and mercenary journals fill up while you gain PvE fame from slaying monsters.

Empty journals can be purchased at the corresponding laborer of its tier and the price to buy one journal from these NPCs is affected by the global discount.

The unmodified NPC prices to buy empty journals are:

Journal Tier Silver Cost
2 500
3 1000
4 2000
5 4000
6 8000
7 16000
8 32000

Gathering Journals

Gathering journals fill up, if you gather their specific resources that are equal or up to two tiers higher than the journal. So a Tier 3 Prospector's Journal can be filled gathering tier 3, tier 4 and tier 5 ore.

Gathering Journals follow a specific naming scheme that is based on the name of the laborer:

  • hide gathering journals are called Gamekeeper's Journal
  • ore gathering journals are called Prospector's Journal
  • fiber gathering journals are called Cropper's Journal
  • wood gathering journals are called Lumberjack's Journal
  • stone gathering journals are called Stonecutter's Journal
  • fishing journals are called Fisherman's Journal

Different tiers of gathering journals require different amounts of fame to fill. To fill journals only the base fame (excluding the premium bonus) is counted towards filling a journal.

Fame required to fill gathering journals:

Tier Gathering Generalist Trophy Specialist Trophy
2 450 2400 900
3 900 3600 1800
4 1800 5400 3600
5 3600 8100 7200
6 7200 12150 14400
7 14400 18225 28800
8 28800 27339 57600

(WIP) As a reference, here is is the fame per resource node per tier:

Tier Amount gathered per swing Fame per swing (Common/Uncommon/Rare/Exceptional) Fame per resource
2 3 4 .75
3 3 9 3
4 2 15/30/45/60 7.5/15/22.5/30
5 1 ? ?
6 1 ? ?
7 1 ? ?
8 1 ? ?

(WIP) If you compare the loot table of the journals (for reference below) this compares to XY% bonus resources if you carry a journal in your inventory while gathering resources.

Because you can fill journals with different tier resources the comparison is hard to make if you want to break it down to silver / hour, but easy to express in terms of additional gathering bonus %.

Table: loot table gathering journal

Note: This is the base-loot table, assuming 100% happiness. Depending on the happiness of the laborer, you have to multiply the numbers below with his happiness.

The resources returned from gathering journals will all be unrefined.

loot table gathering journal (100% happiness)
T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8
baseloot amount 38 60 48 32 32 38.4 38.4
x.0 38 60 45 30.2 30.2 36.3 36.3
x.1 - - 2.4 1.6 1.6 1.92 1.92
x.2 - - 0.24 0.16 0.16 0.192 0.192
x.3 - - 0.024 0.016 0.016 0.019 0.019

Crafting Journals

Crafting journals fill up, if you craft its tier and type of item. A Tier 3 Tinker's Journal would fill up if you craft tier 3 items at a toolmaker. A Tier 6 Blacksmith's Journal would fill up if you craft T6 items at a Warrior's Forge.

Crafting Journals follow a specific naming scheme that is based on the name of the laborer:

Different tiers of crafting journals require different amounts of fame to be filled. To fill journals only the base fame (excluding the premium bonus) is counted towards filling a journal.

Table: fame required to fill crafting journals

Tier Fame
2 300
3 600
4 1200
5 2400
6 4800
7 9600
8 19200

The resources returned from crafting journals will all be refined.

Table: Base amount of items from journals

Tier Amount
2 38
3 24
4 16
5 8
6 5.3333
7 4.4651
8 4.129
Table: Resource proportion by type
Cloth Leather Metal Bars Planks
Blacksmith 11.11% 0% 68.69% 20%
Fletcher 0% 46.66% 26.67% 26.67%
Imbuer 48.89% 0% 11.11% 40%
Tinker 22.22% 11.11% 22.22% 44.44%

The amount of items is multiplied by the return yield % of your laborer.

If you look at the returns of the journals and try to compare that to a fixed % resource return it is hard to do, because the different enchantment levels of armor and weapons give very different amounts of fame. However a general rule of thumb is that the lower the enchantment level (.0 / .1) the higher the resource return %.

Mercenary Journals

Mercenary Journals fill up while slaying monsters in PvE.

Table: mercenary journals loot table

Note: this is the base-loot amount at 100% happiness. You have to multiply these numbers with the happiness of the laborer to get the real amount.

One special mechanic for mercenary laborers is that if your laborer happiness is above 100%, the silver will not automatically adjust, but your % chance above 100 is your chance to receive the double amount of silver instead of the base-value. For example, if your laborer has a happiness of 150% and you process a T6 Mercenary's Journal, half of the time, you will receive 3094 Silver and the other half of the time you will receive 6188 Silver.

T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8
Silver Return 427 759 1292 2008 3094 4832 7572
Fame Required 1412 2171 3264 4368 5856 7968 10800


During release and for the first few months after launch, all journals cost 1000 silver to be purchased from an NPC. Journal prices were adjusted (when?) to be priced differently depending on their tier. This price adjustment lead to large stockpiles being purchased before the adjustment and this is why a lot of the higher tier journals are traded below NPC sale value on the Marketplace, especially T7 and T8.