Journeyman's Hammer

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Journeyman's Hammer

Equipment Item
3.4 kg
Item value


General Information

The Journeyman's Hammer is a Tier 3 Hammer which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place.

There are two options for the Q spell slot: Bash Knee and Threatening Strike

There are two options for the W spell slot: Heavy Cleave and Slowing Charge

There is one option for the E spell slot: Earth Shatter

There are three options for the passive slot: Stunning Strike, Energetic, and Life Leech

The Journeyman's Hammer may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Journeyman's Hammer Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Journeyman's Hammer, players will need the following materials:

Tier Item Name Quantity
3.0 Bronze Bar 24


Journeyman's Hammer
Item Quality Tier Item Power Physical damage Resilience penetration Max Hit Points Hit Points Regeneration(Bonus) DPS
Normal 3.0 500 73 30% 268 20/s 58/s
Good 3.0 510 73 30% 269 20/s 59/s
Outstanding 3.0 520 74 30% 271 20/s 59/s
Excellent 3.0 550 76 30% 276 20/s 61/s
Masterpiece 3.0 600 79 30% 284 20/s 63/s

Additional Tiers of Hammers

Additional tiers: