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Plate Boots Fighter is a node on the Destiny Board. The previous node to unlock Plate Boots Fighter is Journeyman Plate Armor Fighter.

Plate Boots

Plate Boots offer defense from both their provided abilities and their provided stats.

Normal Armors

Royal Boots

Royal gear items require adding Royal Sigils to normal gear in order to make them.

Artifact Boots

Artifact Armors require a special artifact when crafting them in addition to the normal refined resources.

You can view the required artifacts on the Artifact page.

Skill Selection

Plate Boots have two ability slots (one active (default F) and one passive). The four passive slot abilities and two abilities on the active slot are universal for every boot, while the third active ability is unique for every boot.

Abilities available for the F slot
Ability Descripiton Type Cooldown (s) Range (m)
Run Increases your move speed by 60% for 7s, Good for traveling and gathering. Universal 30 Self
Rejuvenating Sprint Increases your move speed by 100% for 3s, and regenerates 38 health every second, for 3 seconds. Universal 30 Self
Wanderlust Every second your movement speed increases by 10%. (Stacks up to 8 times.) This effect lasts for 16s.   Soldier Boots 60 Self
Shield Charge Charge toward a target (ally or enemy), After the charge you apply shield on yourself and allies in close proximity. The shield absorbs 558 damage, and lasts for 3s.   Knight Boots 25 15
Giant Grow to a giant for 8s. During that time, your max and current health are temporarily doubled, and your move speed is increased by 25%. (This effect can't be purged)   Guardian Boots 60 Self
Royal March March to a ground target location. While marching, you stack up resistances and movement speed. Each stack reduces incoming damage by 1.961%, and increases movement speed by 6%, for 8s. (Max. 10 stacks) The effect is only activated if you reach your destination without interruption.   Royal Boots 30 10
Battle Frenzy Increases your movement speed by 80% and makes you immune to any movement impairing effects for 5s. Does not make you immune to forced movement effects like knockbacks.   Graveguard Boots 30 Self
Vengeful Sprint Your damage and move speed is increased for 6s. Each stack grants 4% additional damage and 20% speed incerease. The less health you have upon activation, the more stacks you gain (max 8 stacks)   Demon Boots 30 Self
Elbow Smash Charge towards a ground location. All enemies within a 4m radius of the impact location are knocked in the air for 1s, ignoring Crowd Control Resistance   Judicator Boots 30 Self
Passive abilities
Ability Description
Courier Increases your maximum carry load by 108 kg.
Toughness Incoming damage is reduced by 2.439%.
Authority 5% increased CC duration.
Tenacity Increases your resistances to movement-impairing effects by 12.