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General Information

Kennel may only be placed on designated areas of the island

Kennel has four pens to grow animals into Mounts

Kennel may not be upgraded

Kennels may not be demolished if there is anything placed on the Kennel

Using the Demolish option on the building menu will return a portion of the resources used to build

To grow the Tame Animals, the player must obtain the appropriate Animal Breeder Fame on the Destiny Board

Players gain fame by gathering the animals once they are fully grown

Fawns, Cubs, Pups, Piglets, and Calves are either found on the Farming Merchant or dropped in the world by various mobs; drop chances are found here Tame Animals

Kennels are also used to produce Faction mounts

Players grow them into adults which you can saddle to use as mounts.

Building Construction Materials

Quanity Item Name
50 Bloodoak Logs
50 Slate
10 Runite Steel Bar

Building Demolish Returns

Quanity Item Name
45 Bloodoak Logs
45 Slate
9 Runite Steel Bar

Craftable - Tamed Mounts

Fame Tier Baby Faction Animals Baby Rare Mount
5 Baby Moabird Swiftclaw Cub
5 Winter Bear Cub
5 Wild Boarlet
5 Bighorn Ram Lamb
5 Baby Swamp Salamander
6 Direwolf Pup
7 Direboar Piglet
7 Swamp Dragon Pup
8 Direbear Cub
8 Mammoth Calf

Additional Types of Buildings

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