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The key bindings, or controls, for Albion Online are player-performed actions invoked by the press of a keyboard button. A player's key bindings can be customized from the game settings menu.

Customizing Key Bindings

Accessing the Game Settings menu
Accessing the Game Settings menu

A player can customize their key bindings by left-clicking the Settings menu icon in the upper rightmost corner of the game screen, then left-clicking Game Settings. Next, locate and left-click the Key Bindings tab on the left side of the Settings menu. Finally, left-click on the hotkey for the action that you wish to change, then press the hotkey you would like to use to perform that action.

To reset all key binding settings to their default state, press the Reset button in the lower rightmost corner of the Key Bindings menu.

Default Key Bindings


Command Key
Close All Windows ESC
Open Inventory I
Toggle Destiny Board B
Toggle Region Map N
Toggle World Map M
Toggle Guild UI G
Toggle Build Building H
Toggle Hiding GUI ALT+H
Toggle Social UI O
Toggle Faction Info Shift+F


Command Key
Attack Current Target SPACE
Deselect Target ALT+S
Select Self CTRL+S
Select Party Member 1 F1
Select Party Member 2 F2
Select Party Member 3 F3
Select Party Member 4 F4
Select Party Member 5 F5
Select Party Member 6 F6
Select Party Member 7 F7
Select Party Member 8 F8
Select Party Member 9 F9
Select Party Member 10 F10
Select Party Member 11 F11
Select Party Member 12 F12
Select Party Member 13 3
Select Party Member 14 4
Select Party Member 15 5
Select Party Member 16 6
Select Party Member 17 7
Select Party Member 18 8
Select Party Member 19 9
Select Party Member 20 0
Show Match Stats by holding down TAB
Stop Any Actions S
Toggle Force Combat Mode CTRL+K
Auto Run Numlock
Send Ping At Your Current Position P
Select Marked Target 1 NONE
Select Marked Target 2 NONE
Select Marked Target 3 NONE
Select Marked Target 4 NONE
Select Marked Target 5 NONE
Select Marked target 6 NONE
Use Marker 1 NONE
Use Marker 2 NONE
Use Marker 3 NONE
Use Marker 4 NONE
Use Marker 5 NONE
Use Marker 6 NONE
Unmark Target NONE

Action bar

Command Key
Main Hand Spell Slot 1 Q
Main Hand Spell Slot 1 (cast on myself) ALT+Q
Main Hand Spell Slot 2 W
Main Hand Spell Slot 2 (cast on myself) ALT+W
Main Hand Spell Slot 3 E
Main Hand Spell Slot 3 (cast on myself) ALT+E
Head Spell Slot D
Head Spell Slot (cast on myself) ALT+D
Armor Spell Slot R
Armor Spell Slot (cast on myself) ALT+R
Shoes Spell Slot F
Shoes Spell Slot (cast on myself) ALT+F
Potion Spell Slot 1
Food Spell Slot 2
Mount / Exit Dungeon A
Overcharge SHIFT+O