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A Laborer window is shown when the NPC is ready to accept work.

Laborers are NPCs that can be hired to perform various tasks. Laborers are hired from a house or Guild Hall for 1000 silver for tier II laborer. Once hired, the laborer will occupy space in the house and require furniture and trophies to keep him or her happy. Players can then purchase a journal from their laborer for varying amounts of silver depending on the journal tier. When you perform the task of your laborer type carrying a journal in your inventory, it will fill up. Once full you can then hand the journal back to the laborer and he or she will complete the same task over a period of 22 hours. You can hire more than one laborer per house, but you will need additional beds, furniture, and trophies to ensure that they are all happy.

You can move Laborers around in your house or Guild Hall with a small temporary reduction in happiness. You may also pick up your Laborer and turn them into a Laborer contract and carry them into a different building or you may sell on the Market.

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  • Perform any action that generates Fame to fill the General Trophy Journals.
  • Perform actions corresponding to the job of the NPC type to fill NPC specific or NPC specific Tropy Journals.
  • Tiers of the journals used will influence the tier of the gained items and amount of exp gain of the NPC.
  • Crafting journals will only fill with fame gained by the same tier item as the journal is.
  • Gathering journals will fill up with fame gained by two tiers higher gathering or bellow.
Type laborer activity to fill journal what they bring back fill journal with
Gathering Lumberjack gathering Wood from trees wood logs wood of the same tier and two above
Stonecutter gathering Stone from rocks stones stone of the same tier and two above
Prospector gathering Ore from mines ores ore of the same tier and two above
Cropper gathering Fiber from plants fiber fiber of the same tier and two above
Gamekeeper skinning hide from animals hide hide of the same tier and two above
Fisherman catching Fish from water fish fish of any tier
Crafting Blacksmith crafting at a Warrior's Forge Metal Bars, Planks, Cloth crafting same Tier as Journal
Fletcher crafting at a Hunter's Lodge Leather, Metal Bars, Cloth crafting same Tier as Journal
Imbuer crafting at a Mage's Tower cloth, Planks, Metal Bars crafting same Tier as Journal
Tinker crafting at a Toolmaker Planks crafting same Tier as Journal
Battle Mercenary slay monsters that drop Silver Silver Mobs of the same tier and two above
Tier Price
Journals Tier 2 500 Silver
Tier 3 1000 Silver
Tier 4 2000 Silver
Tier 5 4000 Silver
Tier 6 8000 Silver
Tier 7 16000 Silver
Tier 8 32000 Silver