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General Information

Laborers are NPCs that can be hired from a House or Guild Hall to perform various tasks. Each labor hired from a guild hall costs 1000 Silver. Hiring laborers this way will always yield a tier 2 laborer. For higher tier laborers you must send them on jobs to increase their fame, or purchase them from the market.

Once hired, the laborer will occupy space in the house and require furniture and trophies to keep him or her happy. After a 30min "settling in" wait after placing the laborer, they will be able to take jobs. Players can purchase journals from a laborer regardless of how recently they were placed.

You can move Laborers around in your house or Guild Hall with a small temporary reduction in happiness. You may also pick up your Laborer and turn them into a Laborer contract and carry them into a different building or you may sell on the Market

Laborer returns must be picked up within 7 days or they will be automatically removed and cannot be recovered


  • Laborers cannot take a journal higher than the tier of the Laborer
  • Players can purchase a journal from their laborer for varying amounts of silver depending on the journal tier at any time.
  • Empty journals are available directly from the Laborer or the Market Place. Full journals may also be purchased from the Market Place.
  • Laborers will only accept full journals to start jobs
  • When you perform the task of your laborer type carrying a journal in your inventory, it will fill up. Once full you can then hand the journal back to the laborer and he or she will complete the same task over a period of 22 hours. You can hire more than one laborer per house, but you will need additional beds, furniture, and trophies to ensure that they are all happy.
  • The Tier of journal will influence the resources or trophies returned

For more information on journals see: Journal

Happiness and Yield

Happiness effects the return rates or job yields of laborers. The higher the happiness the higher the yield will be. To fill happiness laborers require one bed each, at least one table in their house, and optionally several trophies of their type or general type to increase happiness further. For example, three T5 laborers in a T5 house will all have their base happiness maxed if there are 3 T5 beds, and 1 T5 table. From there, additional trophies are required to keep them happy. Once their needs are fulfilled, over time the laborer will generate happiness. If their needs are not fulfilled, they will slowly lose happiness over time.

  • Yield has a max capacity of 150% which depends on the tier of the journal used as well as happiness of laborer
  • Laborers Base happiness is 100 times their tier (see table below)
  • The minimum happiness is required to even take jobs from journals to get enough yield to go on the job
  • The minimum quota of happiness is fulfilled by having beds and tables of the same tier or higher than the Laborer
    • Example: Tier 2 laborer will be at minimum quota with 1 bed and 1 table each of T2 or higher (higher tiers don't benefit more)
  • The laborer meets its cap by having beds and tables of the same tier or higher. Lower Tier will only partially fill their happiness.
  • Laborers with higher happiness grant additional yield. This is accomplished through trophies.
    • Each general trophy grants 5 happiness to each laborer
    • Trophies of the same type AND tier do not stack, but additional tiers do.
    • If a trophy is the same type as the laborer, they will be given 10 happiness per trophy.
    • Anything above that value give an additional 0.5% to the yield, up to a 50% bonus
    • Examples:
      • 740 happiness would give a Tier 7 laborer a 120% yield
      • 840 happiness would give a Tier 8 laborer a 120% yield
Base Yield of Base Happiness by Tier
Laborer Tier Base Happiness T2 Yield T3 Yield T4 Yield T5 Yield T6 Yield T7 Yield T8 Yield
2 200 100% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
3 300 150% 100% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
4 400 150% 150% 100% N/A N/A N/A N/A
5 500 150% 150% 150% 100% N/A N/A N/A
6 600 150% 150% 150% 150% 100% N/A N/A
7 700 150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 100% N/A
8 800 150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 100%

Formula for Yield

[math]\displaystyle{ Yield=Min (150, ( Happiness / 2) ) }[/math]

Optimal Happiness

The following is an example of the optimal happiness for each tier of laborer, given they are in the same tier house. Additional upgrades to the house or Guild Hall is required to further their happiness through additional furniture slots.

  • T2 Laborer in T2 house:
    • 1 Bed T2 or higher
    • 1 Table T2 or higher
    • 3 T2 trophies with one being their corresponding job type
      • For example for a prospector would get the best happiness from, a Copper Ore Sample, and a Adventurer's Handbook. Resulting in 15 additional happiness. To further happiness you must increase the tier of house to add more tiered trophies.


In addition to the listed job Yields, all laborers can also yield trophies for the specific role as well as general trophies granted they are given the corresponding trophy journal when sent on a job.

Type laborer Corresponding Journal Tasks Job Yields
Gathering Lumberjack gathering Wood from trees wood logs
Stonecutter gathering Stone from rocks stones
Prospector gathering Ore from mines ores
Cropper gathering Fiber from plants fiber
Gamekeeper skinning hide from animals hide
Fisherman catching Fish from water fish
Crafting Blacksmith crafting at a Warrior's Forge Metal Bars, Planks, Cloth
Fletcher crafting at a Hunter's Lodge Leather, Metal Bars, Planks
Imbuer crafting at a Mage's Tower cloth, Planks, Metal Bars
Tinker crafting at a Toolmaker Planks
Battle Mercenary slay monsters that drop Silver Silver

Profiting from laborers

Laborers are great passive source of income. There are a few ways you can profit from them but you must check current market prices before doing so. These methods are:

  • Buying and reselling journals
  • Filling and selling journals
  • Sending them on jobs to sell their corresponding job yield (Ore, Wood, Silver, etc.)
  • Sending them on jobs to collect their job yield to use for other profitable activities such as crafting or refining.
  • Sending them on jobs to upgrade their tier over time, and eventually picking them up to sell their laborer contract on the market.

Upgrading Laborers

Laborers will acquire fame after each job completed. The fame returned depends the journal type and tier, as well as the yield of their job at the time of being sent out. The yield is in turn affected by happiness of the laborer.

Fame awarded per journal based on 100% yield
Tier Normal Gathering/Crafting Journals Trophy General Journals Trophy Gathering/Crafting Journals Normal Mercenary Journals Trophy Mercenary Journals
2 76 76 180 282 847
3 120 120 360 434 1303
4 240 240 720 653 1969
5 480 480 1440 874 2621
6 960 960 2880 1171 3514
7 1920 1920 5760 1594 4781
8 3840 3840 11520 2160 6480

*Higher happiness will result and higher yield and therefore higher fame return. Same is true vice versa. For example gathering journal T2 will yield 125 fame at 260 happiness

Fame required to upgrade by tier
Tier Gathering Fame Needed Mercenary Fame Needed
2 75 260
3 260
6 12480
8 N/A

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
30 October 2019Percival Patch 9Laborers can now be converted into Laborer Contracts. This allows laborers to be moved between buildings and zones, as well as to be bought and sold via the Marketplace. NOTE: contracts will allow you to move, sell or trade the laborer at its current tier, but converting a laborer into a contract will cause it to lose its progress toward the next tier, as well as any journals in progress and unclaimed resources.
5 December 2018Nimue Patch #2
  • Laborers who mysteriously took on new identities during the Nimue update (such as Petronilla Boger, Elder Blacksmith) have had their original names restored, and laborer names should now remain consistent
29 March 2018Lancelot Hotfix #3
  • Fixed a rare issue where Laborer rewards would disappear when the Laborer UI was opened prior to server maintenance