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General Information

Learning Points (also referred to as LP) may be used to finish your progress on Destiny Board nodes levels. Players that have a first-time purchase of Premium on their character will receive a one-time bonus of 500 Learning Points and will passively generate additional Learning Points at a rate of 30 points per day. Learning Points are generated over a 24-hour period of time and not given at one specific time in the day. Learning Points are a way to help you complete a skill quicker and easier. Instead of having to reach 100% fame, you will only need to reach 20%, and with enough LP you can complete the level.

It is important to note that all players may progress in the game, regardless of Learning Points. Learning Points are used merely to speed up the process. With the Free to Play released on April 10, 2019, all standard characters receive 10 Learning Points daily provided that they complete the daily missions. Players cannot receive the 10 Learning Points if the character has Premium active on that character.

In Albion Online, players progress through the game by gaining skill points, which are earned by participating in various activities such as PvP combat, gathering resources, and crafting items. These skill points are used to unlock new skills, equipment, and other resources that will help you progress even further.

Using Learning Points

The total number of Learning Points that are available for your character's use is found in the top right of the Destiny Board. Learning Points may not be used to progress on the Destiny Board until the character has obtained Tier 3. To use Learning Points, the character must first meet a minimum amount of progress in the node level. Learning Points may be used to level up a certain skill once reaches 20% threshold of the total Fame needed to level up the skill.

Learning Points may be used by selecting the node on the Destiny Board and then click "Learn" when it becomes available to you. The more advanced you are in the level of the node, the fewer Learning Points will be needed to complete it. Alternatively, you may also check the option "Auto-Learn" which will automatically spend your Learning Points when the ability reaches the 20% progress threshold. You will find Auto-Learn in the top right of your Destiny Board if you want to activate Auto-Learn on all nodes, if you want to activate it in a specific node, there are the option on the bottom of each node with the possibility Learning Points use.

Many players will wait to use their Learning Points until they reach higher tiers as the higher tier skills will require more Fame.

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
2 May 2018Lancelot Midseason PatchLearning Point Changes:
  • Decreased the threshold for being able to spend Learning Points on Destiny Board nodes from 30% to 20% node completion. LP costs remain the same at 30%, while costs are 14.28% higher at the 20% threshold.
  • Increased the one-time Learning Points reward by 150 points for anyone buying 30 days of Premium for the first time - this will also apply retroactively to all players who have activated Premium status in the past.
  • To prevent accidental spending of Learning Points, we have deactivated Automatic Spending for all players. You can reactivate Automatic Spending at any time on your Destiny Board. (Note: nodes with Fame at 20-29% will require you to spend Learning Points manually, even if Automatic Spending is reactivated.)