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General Info

Learning points (LP) allow for faster progression on the destiny board. Players that have activated 30 day premium status will start with a pool of 200 learning points and will continue to gain points at a rate of 20 points per day. It is important to note that all players can progress, regardless of learning points; points are used merely to speed up the process.

Starting with the free to play release in April 2019 all standard characters receive 10 learning points daily provided that they complete the daily missions.


Learning points can be used for most of the destiny board skills.

You cannot use learning points for:

  • all cooking skills / mastery;
  • all alchemist skills/ mastery;
  • all harvester skills / mastery;
  • up to T3? skills;

You can use learning points for:

  • crafting mastery;
  • fighting skills;
  • reaver;
  • adventurer;
  • all gathering skills / masteries;

Using Learning Points

Labor Points.png

The total points available to you are found on the destiny board near the top of the screen as seen to the image to the left. Points remain unused until after Tier 3. At this point, any given skill, be it combat, crafting, or gathering can be increased to the next level by spending points. However, using learning points is possible only after first meeting a minimum amount of progress. This is indicated on the progress bar within the destiny board.

Spending LP.png

The image to the left shows the current progress towards unlocking a skill. The red vertical line indicates the minimum amount of progress that must be obtained before using 10 LP to learn the skill. The image below it shows that the minimum amount of fame has been met for another skill and the user can now spend 40 learning points to complete the training. Learning points can be used to level up a certain skill once the player reaches 20% threshold of the total fame needed to level up the skill without using learning points.

Ready spending LP.png

If you are trying to be efficient with your LP, it is a better idea to spend them on specializations. LP is also more efficient when used on higher levels compared to lower levels. However, what is most important is that you play the way you want to.