Leather Armor Artifact

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General Information

Armor Artifacts may be crafted into armor or salvaged at a repair station

Armor Artifacts are considered stackable items and will stack up to 999 per stack

Leather Armor Artifact Types

Tier Armor Slot Item Name Used to Craft
4 Head Adept's Imbued Visor Adept's Stalker Hood
5 Head Expert's Imbued Visor Expert's Stalker Hood
6 Head Master's Imbued Visor Master's Stalker Hood
7 Head Grandmaster's Imbued Visor Grandmaster's Stalker Hood
8 Head Elder's Imbued Visor Elder's Stalker Hood
4 Chest Adept's Imbued Leather Folds Adept's Stalker Jacket
5 Chest Expert's Imbued Leather Folds Expert's Stalker Jacket
6 Chest Master's Imbued Leather Folds Master's Stalker Jacket
7 Chest Grandmaster's Imbued Leather Folds Grandmaster's Stalker Jacket
8 Chest Elder's Imbued Leather Folds Elder's Stalker Jacket
4 Shoes Adept's Imbued Soles Adept's Stalker Shoes
5 Shoes Expert's Imbued Soles Expert's Stalker Shoes
6 Shoes Master's Imbued Soles Master's Stalker Shoes
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Imbued Soles Grandmaster's Stalker Shoes
8 Shoes Elder's Imbued Soles Elder's Stalker Shoes
4 Head Adept's Demonhide Padding Adept's Hellion Hood
5 Head Expert's Demonhide Padding Expert's Hellion Hood
6 Head Master's Demonhide Padding Master's Hellion Hood
7 Head Grandmaster's Demonhide Padding Grandmaster's Hellion Hood
8 Head Elder's Demonhide Padding Elder's Hellion Hood
4 Chest Adept's Demonhide Leather Adept's Hellion Jacket
5 Chest Expert's Demonhide Leather Expert's Hellion Jacket
6 Chest Master's Demonhide Leather Master's Hellion Jacket
7 Chest Grandmaster's Demonhide Leather Grandmaster's Hellion Jacket
8 Chest Elder's Demonhide Leather Elder's Hellion Jacket
4 Shoes Adept's Demonhide Bindings Adept's Hellion Shoes
5 Shoes Expert's Demonhide Bindings Expert's Hellion Shoes
6 Shoes Master's Demonhide Bindings Master's Hellion Shoes
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Demonhide Bindings Grandmaster's Hellion Shoes
8 Shoes Elder's Demonhide Bindings Elder's Hellion Shoes
4 Head Adept's Ghastly Visor Adept's Specter Hood
5 Head Expert's Ghastly Visor Expert's Specter Hood
6 Head Master's Ghastly Visor Master's Specter Hood
7 Head Grandmaster's Ghastly Visor Grandmaster's Specter Hood
8 Head Elder's Ghastly Visor Elder's Specter Hood
4 Chest Adept's Ghastly Leather Adept's Specter Jacket
5 Chest Expert's Ghastly Leather Expert's Specter Jacket
6 Chest Master's Ghastly Leather Master's Specter Jacket
7 Chest Grandmaster's Ghastly Leather Grandmaster's Specter Jacket
8 Chest Elder's Ghastly Leather Elder's Specter Jacket
4 Shoes Adept's Ghastly Bindings Adept's Specter Shoes
5 Shoes Expert's Ghastly Bindings Expert's Specter Shoes
6 Shoes Master's Ghastly Bindings Master's Specter Shoes
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Ghastly Bindings Grandmaster's Specter Shoes
8 Shoes Elder's Ghastly Bindings Elder's Specter Shoes
4 Head Adept's Augured Padding Adept's Hood of Tenacity
5 Head Expert's Augured Padding Expert's Hood of Tenacity
6 Head Master's Augured Padding Master's Hood of Tenacity
7 Head Grandmaster's Augured Padding Grandmaster's Hood of Tenacity
8 Head Elder's Augured Padding Elder's Hood of Tenacity
4 Chest Adept's Augured Sash Adept's Jacket of Tenacity
5 Chest Expert's Augured Sash Expert's Jacket of Tenacity
6 Chest Master's Augured Sash Master's Jacket of Tenacity
7 Chest Grandmaster's Augured Sash Grandmaster's Jacket of Tenacity
8 Chest Elder's Augured Sash Elder's Jacket of Tenacity
4 Shoes Adept's Augured Fasteners Adept's Shoes of Tenacity
5 Shoes Expert's Augured Fasteners Expert's Shoes of Tenacity
6 Shoes Master's Augured Fasteners Master's Shoes of Tenacity
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Augured Fasteners Grandmaster's Shoes of Tenacity
8 Shoes Elder's Augured Fasteners Elder's Shoes of Tenacity