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Lumber Lunacy HCE Guide

This map is one of easiest, if not the easiest. The requirements are low, you can skip lot of mobs without skip set, just passing by, and to mobs you fight are not dangerous (heretics)


  • Kill 5 Veteran Mad FireStarter
  • Kill 1 Veteran Mad Weaponsmaster

Things To Know

  • Map in 2 Part : First with Gatherers, Thieves, Firestarters and
  • Mob attack priority (1st Part): Healer>Firestarter>Thief>Gatherer (kill Firestarter first on chest pull)
  • Mob attack priority (2nd Part): Archer>Bouncer>Canon
  • At higher level you may need to bring a skip set.
  • The Thief mobs do only single target auto attacks, but are very strong. DPS members should make sure to let the Tank draw aggro before attacking them to ensure you don’t get their attention. Additionally, the party and the healer should make sure that everyone except the tank is full life, as theives tend to aggro those that aren't.


(Numbers refer to location on attached map) Note : There are 5 firestarters requiered to kill on this map. 3 are on the main path, and 3 are not. You need to kill 2 of them in order to complete the map. They are marked with a F on the map.

  1. At first, take aggro of all the gatherers and the rats at the start, stop before the fourth stairs (you can split this pull into two at higher level)
  2. Take aggro of the thief down the stairs and some gatherers
  3. Skip the next thief by going west, and pull the gatherers and the following thief
  4. Either do the firestarter alone of the left or go straight at the firestarter with the thief
  5. Follow the coast of the right to dodge the thief and healer pack, and go to the checkpoint. Pull the healer and the thief, and keep an eye out for a thief patroling on the road. Take aggro when it not to close to the pack you dodged before.
  6. Follow the right wall to a tree, wait here that the healer patroling goes south east, and pull the thief and the gatherer in the north east, near the stairs. Another thief patroling should be there too.
  7. Either kill the pack with the firestarter or dodge it. If you chose to dodge it beware of the gatherer patroling on the bridge, pull him when he's far from the firstarter. Either way skip the pack with the healer after the bridge, go down the stairs (beware, another gatherer patroling here, take care to not pull the healer pack) and keep going east until you pull a thief.
  8. Pull the pack with the chest north (where a firestarter is) or keep it for after the map is completed, and go pull the 2 firestarters and the gatherer on the east.
  9. Dodge the 2 healers pack by following closely the north walls, and pull the thiefs when you're sure he's alone (too far south and you pull the 2 healers, too far north and you pull the boss) After that : Pull the boss (B1) and the 2 gatherers. Beware of the AoEs of this boss, but he's not hard, especially if you have a way to slow him down.
  10. Go straight past the bouncer, and pull him up along the stairs (to avoid being hit by the canon)
  11. Go in between the 2 packs of mobs, and keep a eye on the archer patrol, go when he's close to a pack. Kill the archer next to the tiny house, make sure everybody is next to the house, because the canon can send them flying to a previously dodged pack of mobs.
  12. Go straight between to 2 canons, pull the bouncer and go east.
  13. Go east of the 2 bouncer 1 archer pack, et follow the wall closely to skip to the boss.

Final Boss Explanation/Recommendations

Got 3 attacks (beside his normal attack) :

  • Half circle flamethrower : Easy to avoid if you're not casting. Generaly the tank should stand behind the boss, so dps and heal shouldn't have to wory about this. At the end of the move, 3 rats spawn at the west, and the boss switch the aggro. The tank need to taunt him right after this move.
  • Mortars : Each player got an AoE right under his feet, and need to move to dodge it. Not dangerous if you have clear vision of the field, but tricky with his third skill
  • Flames : Spawn 3 flames on the battlefield, which damage you and knock you back if you touch them. beware of this with his mortar skill.

PRO STRAT : If the tank got some mastery on the whispering bow, he can throw a poison potion at the boss, go east of him and poke him with the E of the bow. This way, he keeps his aggro with his damages but stay too far for the boss to do his normal attacks or his flamethrower. Watch out for the mortars and if he loose the aggro (juste taunt him back). Beware when the E of the whispering bow finish, your character will try to get closer to continue the auto attacks.

[Got the screen but the wiki won't let me upload it]

The positionning for this is east of the boss, in the corner north east of a mining cart, between a roof and the rocks.

Lumber Lunacy Expedition Map

(click to enlarge)


Special Notes and Tips for Higher Level Maps

  • Leave the chest pack for after the completion, so kill the 2 other optionnal firestarters.
  • Use skip gear to complete the map, skip the following packs : 6, B1 and 10, 11 and 12.
  • After that, do the map backward to fame.
  • You can use present chests to store the map between each pack (as this map is outdoors)
  • You can pull the B1 boss from the hill, close to the 11 on the map (on the 11 mark, go straight at B1 and a dps should aggro him with a spell)