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General Information

The Lumbermill is an Economy Building that allows a player to refine Logs into Wood Planks.

A Lumbermill may be located in the main cities, Islands or Home Territories.

A Lumbermill outside of Starter Cities are owned by players and are likely to have a usage fee associated with them

By using a Lumbermill in the main city, the player may receive a material return if they use Focus. Players will not receive a material return on an Island.

To use the Lumbermill, the player must have the Logs and Planks of the previous Tier in their inventory

The Lumbermill will need to be fed. Every building has a favorite food and when you use this food on the Lumbermill, the nutrition is doubled

The Lumbermill's favorite food is Carrot Soup

The building itself may be demolished using the Demolish option in the building menu. Player receives a portion of the materials in return

Building Upgrade Materials

Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3
Novice Lumbermill 2 Rough Logs 25 Rough Stone 3 Limestone Block 150
Journeyman Lumbermill 3 Rough Logs 50 Rough Stone 5 Sandstone Block 150
Adept Lumbermill 4 Rough Logs 100 Rough Stone 10 Travertine Block 150
Expert Lumbermill 5 Rough Logs 200 Rough Stone 20 Granite Block 150
Master Lumbermill 6 Rough Logs 400 Rough Stone 40 Slate Block 150
Grandmaster Lumbermill 7 Rough Logs 800 Rough Stone 80 Basalt Block 150
Elder Lumbermill 8 Rough Logs 1600 Rough Stone 160 Marble Block 150

Building Demolish Returns (Tier 8)

Quanity Item Name
2858 Rough Logs
287 Rough Stone
135 Limestone Block
135 Sandstone Block
135 Travertine Block
135 Granite Block
135 Slate Block
135 Basalt Block
135 Marble Block

Craftable Items

Building Tier Item Name
2 Birch Planks
3 Chestnut Planks
4 Pine Planks
4 Uncommon Pine Planks
4 Rare Pine Planks
4 Exceptional Pine Planks
5 Cedar Planks
5 Uncommon Cedar Planks
5 Rare Cedar Planks
5 Exceptional Cedar Planks
6 Bloodoak Planks
6 Uncommon Bloodoak Planks
6 Rare Bloodoak Planks
6 Exceptional Bloodoak Planks
7 Ashenbark Planks
7 Uncommon Ashenbark Planks
7 Rare Ashenbark Planks
7 Exceptional Ashenbark Planks
8 Whitewood Planks
8 Uncommon Whitewood Planks
8 Rare Whitewood Planks
8 Exceptional Whitewood Planks

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