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General Information

  • Lumberjack is a gathering profession focused on gathering wood.
  • Seven different levels of the Lumberjack gathering profession can be unlocked on the Destiny Board.
  • Each tier level allows you to wear a new and improved tool as well as gathering gear starting at Tier 4.
  • Lumberjacks use the wood axe to cut down trees and gather wood, which can be refined into Planks.
  • Starting at Tier 4, each Destiny Board node unlocked will increase the item power for all Lumberjack gathering gear by 0.2 and the item power of the same tier by 1.5, the gathering yield of the same tier resource by 0.5% and the harvesting speed of the same tier resource by 0.5%.
  • Wearing the lumberjack gathering gear increases the gathering yield by up to 10%. The gathering yield can be increased further by Avalonian Tools, which provide 10% to 20% more yield, depending on its tier.

Destiny Board Nodes

Destiny Board Node Node Fame Requirement Total Fame Requirement Unlocks tool Unlocks resource
Trainee Gatherer 240 240 Novice's Axe   Birch Logs

  Chestnut Logs

Journeyman Lumberjack 2,250 2,490 Journeyman's Axe   Pine Logs
Adept Lumberjack 30,000 32,490 Adept's Axe

Adept's Lumberjack Cap

Adept's Lumberjack Garb

Adept's Lumberjack Workboots

Adept's Lumberjack Backpack

  Cedar Logs

  Uncommon Pine Logs

  Rare Pine Logs

  Exceptional Pine Logs

  Pristine Pine Logs

Expert Lumberjack 140,000 172,490 Expert's Axe

Expert's Lumberjack Cap

Expert's Lumberjack Garb

Expert's Lumberjack Workboots

Expert's Lumberjack Backpack

  Bloodoak Logs

  Uncommon Cedar Logs

  Rare Cedar Logs

  Exceptional Cedar Logs

  Pristine Cedar Logs

Master Lumberjack 513,333 685,823 Master's Axe

Master's Lumberjack Cap

Master's Lumberjack Garb

Master's Lumberjack Workboots

Master's Lumberjack Backpack

  Ashenbark Logs

  Uncommon Bloodoak Logs

  Rare Bloodoak Logs

  Exceptional Bloodoak Logs

  Pristine Bloodoak Logs

Grandmaster Lumberjack

1,000,000 1,685,823 Grandmaster's Axe

Grandmaster's Lumberjack Cap

Grandmaster's Lumberjack Garb

Grandmaster's Lumberjack Workboots

Grandmaster's Lumberjack Backpack

  Whitewood Logs

  Uncommon Ashenbark Logs

  Rare Ashenbark Logs

  Exceptional Ashenbark Logs

  Pristine Ashenbark Logs

Elder Lumberjack 1,166,667 2,852,490 Elder's Axe

Elder's Lumberjack Cap

Elder's Lumberjack Garb

Elder's Lumberjack Workboots

Elder's Lumberjack Backpack

  Uncommon Whitewood Logs

  Rare Whitewood Logs

  Exceptional Whitewood Logs

  Pristine Whitewood Logs