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Albion Online has a marketplace where players can buy and sell items with each other. The marketplace also has an additional feature that allows players to place orders for other players to meet. A player may place an order for any tradable item. The marketplace is one of the key aspects of the player driven economy for Albion Online.

Order Types

Order Type Description and Notes Setup Fee Market Tax Total Fees
Buy You instantaneously purchase an item from the marketplace at the lowest price another player has listed in a Sell Order. - - -
Sell You instantaneously sell an item from your inventory at the highest price another player has listed in a Buy Order. - 4% (2% for premium) 4% (2% for premium)
Buy Order You set a price to purchase an item at from another player who sells an item with a Sell. Quality cannot be specified on a buy order. 1% - 1%
Sell Order You set a price to sell an item to another player who buys an item with a Buy. 1% 4% (2% for premium) 5% (3% for premium)

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