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Albion Online has a marketplace in every city and town. The players can buy/sell items and engage in a form of barter. Adventurers can search for any item available in the game and place an order to acquire it. Price fluctuations in the market (except for Black Market) depend on supply and demand from buying and selling done by real players. The Marketplace is one of the key aspects of the player-driven economy.

All players can take advantage of local economies and move goods between locations to make a profit on the price difference. Trading in response to swings in value is only one of many options to earn silver with no need to spend any real-world currency to engage with the World of Albion Online.

Marketplace Order Menu

Visible market Sell Orders.
(...) Buy Orders.

Order menu marketplace.png

By looking at the market history player can see Albion's equivalent of stock trading chart providing information about the price in the last 24 hours, 7 Days and 4 Weeks.

It includes information such as the number of units sold/bought and the average trading price.

Market offers menu.png

The player can search for an item with the following filters: Category, Enchantment, Quality.

It's also possible to sort by Name, Duration as well as the Price.

Caerleon marketplace merchant.

Order Types

Order Type Description and Notes Setup Fee Market Tax Total Fees
Buy You instantaneously purchase an item from the Marketplace at the lowest price another player has listed with a Sell Order. - - -
Sell You instantaneously sell an item from your inventory at the highest price another player has listed with a Buy Order. - 6% (3% for premium) 6% (3% for premium)
Buy Order You set a price to purchase an item at a specified price from another player who sells an item with a Sell. 1.5% - 1.5%
Sell Order You set a price to sell an item to another player who buys an item with a Buy. 1.5% 6% (3% for premium) 7.5% (4.5% for premium)

A 1.5% fee will be collected every time an edit is performed on an existing order.

The maximum number of units of a commodity per one order is 9999x.

Quality cannot be specified for a buy order.

Canceling the order will not return the fee.

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