Artifact Foundry

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The artifact Foundry is a special type of crafting station that can be found in every royal city. It can be used to meld runes, souls, and relics into artifacts, salvage items, enchant items, and transmute runes, souls, relics, and royal sigils.


Melding is the process of making materials such as runes, souls, and relics into artifacts that can be used for crafting.


Salvaging is the process of breaking down an item into its crafting components. The player will receive silver, 25% of the crafting material cost of the item, and 0-1 of the artifacts used if it is an artifact item.


Enchanting is the process of using runes, souls, and relics to increase an item's enchantment level.


Transmuting is the process of creating higher tier or quality materials out of (multiple) lower tier or quality materials. This process uses Siphoned Energy, essences, royal sigils, runes, souls, and/or relics depending on what item is being made.