Melee Weapon Artifact

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General Information

Magic Artifacts may be crafted into magic weapons or salvaged at a repair station

Magic Artifacts are considered stackable items and will stack up to 999 per stack

Melee Weapon Artifact Types

Tier Slot Melee Type Item Name Used to Craft
4 One-Handed Sword   Adept's Bloodforged Blade   Adept's Clarent Blade
5 One-Handed Sword   Expert's Bloodforged Blade   Expert's Clarent Blade
6 One-Handed Sword   Master's Bloodforged Blade   Master's Clarent Blade
7 One-Handed Sword   Grandmaster's Bloodforged Blade   Grandmaster's Clarent Blade
8 One-Handed Sword   Elder's Bloodforged Blade   Elder's Clarent Blade
4 Two-Handed Sword   Adept's Demonic Blade   Adept's Carving Sword
5 Two-Handed Sword   Expert's Demonic Blade   Expert's Carving Sword
6 Two-Handed Sword   Master's Demonic Blade   Master's Carving Sword
7 Two-Handed Sword   Grandmaster's Demonic Blade   Grandmaster's Carving Sword
8 Two-Handed Sword   Elder's Demonic Blade   Elder's Carving Sword
4 Two-Handed Sword   Adept's Cursed Blades   Adept's Galatine Pair
5 Two-Handed Sword   Expert's Cursed Blades   Expert's Galatine Pair
6 Two-Handed Sword   Master's Cursed Blades   Master's Galatine Pair
7 Two-Handed Sword   Grandmaster's Cursed Blades   Grandmaster's Galatine Pair
8 Two-Handed Sword   Elder's Cursed Blades   Elder's Galatine Pair
4 Two-Handed Sword   Adept's Remnants of the Old King   Adept's Kingmaker
5 Two-Handed Sword   Expert's Remnants of the Old King   Expert's Kingmaker
6 Two-Handed Sword   Master's Remnants of the Old King   Master's Kingmaker
7 Two-Handed Sword   Grandmaster's Remnants of the Old King   Grandmaster's Kingmaker
8 Two-Handed Sword   Elder's Remnants of the Old King   Elder's Kingmaker
4 One-Handed Spear   Adept's Keeper Spearhead   Adept's Heron Spear
5 One-Handed Spear   Expert's Keeper Spearhead   Expert's Heron Spear
6 One-Handed Spear   Master's Keeper Spearhead   Master's Heron Spear
7 One-Handed Spear   Grandmaster's Keeper Spearhead   Grandmaster's Heron Spear
8 One-Handed Spear   Elder's Keeper Spearhead   Elder's Heron Spear
4 Two-Handed Spear   Adept's Infernal Harpoon Tip   Adept's Spirithunter
5 Two-Handed Spear   Expert's Infernal Harpoon Tip   Expert's Spirithunter
6 Two-Handed Spear   Master's Infernal Harpoon Tip   Master's Spirithunter
7 Two-Handed Spear   Grandmaster's Infernal Harpoon Tip   Grandmaster's Spirithunter
8 Two-Handed Spear   Elder's Infernal Harpoon Tip   Elder's Spirithunter
4 Two-Handed Spear   Adept's Cursed Barbs   Adept's Trinity Spear
5 Two-Handed Spear   Expert's Cursed Barbs   Expert's Trinity Spear
6 Two-Handed Spear   Master's Cursed Barbs   Master's Trinity Spear
7 Two-Handed Spear   Grandmaster's Cursed Barbs   Grandmaster's Trinity Spear
8 Two-Handed Spear   Elder's Cursed Barbs   Elder's Trinity Spear
4 One-Handed Spear   Adept's Ruined Ancestral Vamplate   Adept's Daybreaker
5 One-Handed Spear   Expert's Ruined Ancestral Vamplate   Expert's Daybreaker
6 One-Handed Spear   Master's Ruined Ancestral Vamplate   Master's Daybreaker
7 One-Handed Spear   Grandmaster's Ruined Ancestral Vamplate   Grandmaster's Daybreaker
8 One-Handed Spear   Elder's Ruined Ancestral Vamplate   Elder's Daybreaker
4 Two-Handed Hammer   Adept's Ancient Hammer Head   Adept's Tombhammer
5 Two-Handed Hammer   Expert's Ancient Hammer Head   Expert's Tombhammer
6 Two-Handed Hammer   Master's Ancient Hammer Head   Master's Tombhammer
7 Two-Handed Hammer   Grandmaster's Ancient Hammer Head   Grandmaster's Tombhammer
8 Two-Handed Hammer   Elder's Ancient Hammer Head   Elder's Tombhammer
4 Two-Handed Hammer   Adept's Hellish Hammer Heads   Adept's Forge Hammers
5 Two-Handed Hammer   Expert's Hellish Hammer Heads   Expert's Forge Hammers
6 Two-Handed Hammer   Master's Hellish Hammer Heads   Master's Forge Hammers
7 Two-Handed Hammer   Grandmaster's Hellish Hammer Heads   Grandmaster's Forge Hammers
8 Two-Handed Hammer   Elder's Hellish Hammer Heads   Elder's Forge Hammers
4 Two-Handed Hammer   Adept's Engraved Log   Adept's Grovekeeper
5 Two-Handed Hammer   Expert's Engraved Log   Expert's Grovekeeper
6 Two-Handed Hammer   Master's Engraved Log   Master's Grovekeeper
7 Two-Handed Hammer   Grandmaster's Engraved Log   Grandmaster's Grovekeeper
8 Two-Handed Hammer   Elder's Engraved Log   Elder's Grovekeeper
4 Two-Handed Hammer   Adept's Massive Metallic Hand   Adept's Hand of Justice
5 Two-Handed Hammer   Expert's Massive Metallic Hand   Expert's Hand of Justice
6 Two-Handed Hammer   Master's Massive Metallic Hand   Master's Hand of Justice
7 Two-Handed Hammer   Grandmaster's Massive Metallic Hand   Grandmaster's Hand of Justice
8 Two-Handed Hammer   Elder's Massive Metallic Hand   Elder's Hand of Justice
4 One-Handed Mace   Adept's Infernal Mace Head   Adept's Incubus Mace
5 One-Handed Mace   Expert's Infernal Mace Head   Expert's Incubus Mace
6 One-Handed Mace   Master's Infernal Mace Head   Master's Incubus Mace
7 One-Handed Mace   Grandmaster's Infernal Mace Head   Grandmaster's Incubus Mace
8 One-Handed Mace   Elder's Infernal Mace Head   Elder's Incubus Mace
4 Two-Handed Mace   Adept's Imbued Mace Head   Adept's Camlann Mace
5 Two-Handed Mace   Expert's Imbued Mace Head   Expert's Camlann Mace
6 Two-Handed Mace   Master's Imbued Mace Head   Master's Camlann Mace
7 Two-Handed Mace   Grandmaster's Imbued Mace Head   Grandmaster's Camlann Mace
8 Two-Handed Mace   Elder's Imbued Mace Head   Elder's Camlann Mace
4 One-Handed Mace   Adept's Runed Rock   Adept's Bedrock Mace
5 One-Handed Mace   Expert's Runed Rock   Expert's Bedrock Mace
6 One-Handed Mace   Master's Runed Rock   Master's Bedrock Mace
7 One-Handed Mace   Grandmaster's Runed Rock   Grandmaster's Bedrock Mace
8 One-Handed Mace   Elder's Runed Rock   Elder's Bedrock Mace
4 Two-Handed Mace   Adept's Broken Oaths   Adept's Oathkeepers
5 Two-Handed Mace   Expert's Broken Oaths   Expert's Oathkeepers
6 Two-Handed Mace   Master's Broken Oaths   Master's Oathkeepers
7 Two-Handed Mace   Grandmaster's Broken Oaths   Grandmaster's Oathkeepers
8 Two-Handed Mace   Elder's Broken Oaths   Elder's Oathkeepers
4 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Adept's Reinforced Morgana Pole   Adept's Black Monk Stave
5 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Expert's Reinforced Morgana Pole   Expert's Black Monk Stave
6 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Master's Reinforced Morgana Pole   Master's Black Monk Stave
7 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Grandmaster's Reinforced Morgana Pole   Grandmaster's Black Monk Stave
8 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Elder's Reinforced Morgana Pole   Elder's Black Monk Stave
4 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Adept's Hellish Sicklehead Pair   Adept's Soulscythe
5 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Expert's Hellish Sicklehead Pair   Expert's Soulscythe
6 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Master's Hellish Sicklehead Pair   Master's Soulscythe
7 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Grandmaster's Hellish Sicklehead Pair   Grandmaster's Soulscythe
8 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Elder's Hellish Sicklehead Pair   Elder's Soulscythe
4 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Adept's Preserved Rocks   Adept's Staff of Balance
5 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Expert's Preserved Rocks   Expert's Staff of Balance
6 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Master's Preserved Rocks   Master's Staff of Balance
7 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Grandmaster's Preserved Rocks   Grandmaster's Staff of Balance
8 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Elder's Preserved Rocks   Elder's Staff of Balance
4 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Adept's Timeworn Walking Staff   Adept's Grailseeker
5 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Expert's Timeworn Walking Staff   Expert's Grailseeker
6 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Master's Timeworn Walking Staff   Master's Grailseeker
7 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Grandmaster's Timeworn Walking Staff   Grandmaster's Grailseeker
8 Two-Handed Quarterstaff   Elder's Timeworn Walking Staff   Elder's Grailseeker
4 Two-Handed Axe   Adept's Morgana Halberd Head   Adept's Carrioncaller
5 Two-Handed Axe   Expert's Morgana Halberd Head   Expert's Carrioncaller
6 Two-Handed Axe   Master's Morgana Halberd Head   Master's Carrioncaller
7 Two-Handed Axe   Grandmaster's Morgana Halberd Head   Grandmaster's Carrioncaller
8 Two-Handed Axe   Elder's Morgana Halberd Head   Elder's Carrioncaller
4 Two-Handed Axe   Adept's Hellish Sicklehead   Adept's Infernal Scythe
5 Two-Handed Axe   Expert's Hellish Sicklehead   Expert's Infernal Scythe
6 Two-Handed Axe   Master's Hellish Sicklehead   Master's Infernal Scythe
7 Two-Handed Axe   Grandmaster's Hellish Sicklehead   Grandmaster's Infernal Scythe
8 Two-Handed Axe   Elder's Hellish Sicklehead   Elder's Infernal Scythe
4 Two-Handed Axe   Adept's Keeper Axeheads   Adept's Bear Paws
5 Two-Handed Axe   Expert's Keeper Axeheads   Expert's Bear Paws
6 Two-Handed Axe   Master's Keeper Axeheads   Master's Bear Paws
7 Two-Handed Axe   Grandmaster's Keeper Axeheads   Grandmaster's Bear Paws
8 Two-Handed Axe   Elder's Keeper Axeheads   Elder's Bear Paws
4 Two-Handed Axe   Adept's Avalonian Battle Memoir   Adept's Realmbreaker
5 Two-Handed Axe   Expert's Avalonian Battle Memoir   Expert's Realmbreaker
6 Two-Handed Axe   Master's Avalonian Battle Memoir   Master's Realmbreaker
7 Two-Handed Axe   Grandmaster's Avalonian Battle Memoir   Grandmaster's Realmbreaker
8 Two-Handed Axe   Elder's Avalonian Battle Memoir   Elder's Realmbreaker
4 One-Handed Dagger   Adept's Hardened Debole   Adept's Bloodletter
5 One-Handed Dagger   Expert's Hardened Debole   Expert's Bloodletter
6 One-Handed Dagger   Master's Hardened Debole   Master's Bloodletter
7 One-Handed Dagger   Grandmaster's Hardened Debole   Grandmaster's Bloodletter
8 One-Handed Dagger   Elder's Hardened Debole   Elder's Bloodletter
4 Two-Handed Dagger   Adept's Black Leather   Adept's Black Hands
5 Two-Handed Dagger   Expert's Black Leather   Expert's Black Hands
6 Two-Handed Dagger   Master's Black Leather   Master's Black Hands
7 Two-Handed Dagger   Grandmaster's Black Leather   Grandmaster's Black Hands
8 Two-Handed Dagger   Elder's Black Leather   Elder's Black Hands
4 Two-Handed Dagger   Adept's Ghastly Blades   Adept's Deathgivers
5 Two-Handed Dagger   Expert's Ghastly Blades   Expert's Deathgivers
6 Two-Handed Dagger   Master's Ghastly Blades   Master's Deathgivers
7 Two-Handed Dagger   Grandmaster's Ghastly Blades   Grandmaster's Deathgivers
8 Two-Handed Dagger   Elder's Ghastly Blades   Elder's Deathgivers
4 Two-Handed Dagger   Adept's Bloodstained Antiquities   Adept's Bridled Fury
5 Two-Handed Dagger   Expert's Bloodstained Antiquities   Expert's Bridled Fury
6 Two-Handed Dagger   Master's Bloodstained Antiquities   Master's Bridled Fury
7 Two-Handed Dagger   Grandmaster's Bloodstained Antiquities   Grandmaster's Bridled Fury
8 Two-Handed Dagger   Elder's Bloodstained Antiquities   Elder's Bridled Fury