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Mercia is the highest level continent of the Outlands. It is accessible via the Caerleon realmgate to the following portal zones: Elmwood, Cley Hill, Gravelight Marsh and Flintslice Plain.

The Tier of mobs range from 5 to 8. Tier 4 to 8 resources can be gathered, the same as any other region of the Outlands. Enchantment chance ranges between 13% and 22%.


Mercia has 5 region, one of each biome:


The following is a table of each zone and territory in Mercia along with some key information about each zone:

Zone Name Territories Biome Tier Watchtower Realmgate Warcamp Castle Dungeon Sepulcher Relic Locker
Creag Madaid Creag Madaid Crag
Craig Madaid Coombe
Mountain 6 2 Yes
Creag Daill Creag Daill Firth
Creag Daill Thorpe
Mountain 6 2
Arkag Chasm Arkag Chasm Crag Mountain 7 1 Yes Yes
Creag Gubb Creag Gubb Wyke
Creag Gubb Common
Mountain 6 2 Yes
Well of the World Well of the World Common Mountain 8 1 Yes Yes
Elmwood Elmwood Pound Forest 5 1 Yes Yes
Razorback Glen Razorback Glen Hythe
Razorback Glen Leigh
Forest 6 2
Taproot Glen Taproot Glen Doune
Taproot Glen Leigh
Forest 6 2
Darkroot Hollow Darkroot Hollow Mere Forest 7 1 Yes Yes
Heart of the Forest Heart of the Forest Spinney Forest 8 1 Yes Yes Yes
Flintslice Plain Flintslice Plain Burn Steppe 5 1 Yes
Mudpool Steppe Mudpool Steppe Coombe
Mudpool Steppe Cott
Steppe 6 2
Gangrene Sump Gangrene Sump Coombe
Gangrene Sump Wyke
Swamp 6 2
Hungry Mire Hungry Mire Strath Swamp 7 1 Yes
Grave of Eternity Grave of Eternity Wyke Swamp 8 1 Yes Yes Yes
Putrescent Sump Putrescent Sump Glen <r> Putrescent Sump Burn Swamp 6 2
Degenerate Sump Degenerate Sump Doune
Degenerate Sump
Swamp 6 2
Gravelight Marsh Gravelight Marsh Pound Swamp 5 1 Yes
Lindale Lindale Stead
Lindale Strath
Highlands 6 2
Hill of Hollow Earth Hill of Hollow Earth Stead Highlands 8 1 Yes Yes Yes
Stonetop Sink Stonetop Sink Shaw Highlands 7 1 Yes
Borrowdale Borrowdale Wyke
Borrowdale Scarp
Highlands 6 2
Langdale Langdale Wyke
Langdale Tarn
Highlands 6 2
Cley Hill Cley Hill Tarn Highlands 5 1 Yes Yes No