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Unlocking the Torch Fighter node on the Destiny Board. Torches are off-hands which usually complement an offensive main hand weapon, but can be used in various situations due to their versatile characteristics. They usually provide cooldown modifier and attack speed modifier. The previous node required to unlock the Torch Fighter is Journeyman Hunter.

Torches Weapons

Normal Torches Fighter Weapons

Once unlocked, the following weapons can be used:

Standard Weapons: Crafted using common resources, these weapons tend to be much easier to obtain than Artifact Weapons.

Weapon Type
  Torch Off-Hand

Artifact Torches Fighter Weapons

Artifact Weapons: Require specific artifact items to craft, start with higher Item Power than Standard Weapons, and benefit less from Enchantment Levels.

Weapon Type Crafted Using Base IP Bonus
  Mistcaller Off-Hand   Runed Horn (Rune Artifact) +1 tier
  Leering Cane Off-Hand   Hellish Handle (Soul Artifact) +2 tiers
  Cryptcandle Off-Hand   Ghastly Candle (Relic Artifact) +3 tiers