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General Information

The Mists are accessed via Willow Wisps, which can be found within the yellow, red, and black zones. Moving near a Willow Wisp will activate it, it will move a bit around and then open a portal nearby that you can use to travel to the mists. If you are faction flagged you will be de-flagged upon entering. Inside the mists, players will find other wisps, Knightfall Abbey dungeons, Avalonian portals, Undead Camps, treasure chests, and often, other players to fight with. If the player has enough Brecilien Standing sometimes Brecilien portals will show up too.

Types of Mists

There are two types of Mists: Solo and Duo.

  • Solo mists, or simply, Mists, can be either Non-Lethal (PvP leads to knockdown) if joined via yellow zones or Lethal (PvP leads to death) if joined via Red or Black zones. Solo wisps are called "Will o' Wisp". They cannot be found in blue zones.
  • Duo mists, or Greater Mists, can only be found in Red Zones, the Outlands, and the Roads of Avalon, therefore they will always be Lethal. Duo wisps are called "Greater Will o' Wisp" and they are slightly bigger than solo mists.

Wisps spawn

Willow Wisps can spawn in the following zones:

Wisp Rarity

Each Wisp has a chance to be either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.

Depending on the Rarity of the Wisp, the more difficult the enemies become, the more rewards you will get and the higher tier the resources will be.

Turbulent Wisps

Each Mists instance will spawn a Turbulent Wisp. This event starts with a cloud, that has a timer. Which will spawn a wisp with a rarity. You gather the wisp while dismounted. And have to walk to a portal. Which will give the player Fame, Might and silver. [1] When the cloud timer is about to end the area around it will become an Unrestricted PvP Zone, and the player who has the wisp will retain the effect until he/she drops the wisp or reaches the portal.

Undead Camps

In every Mists instance there are Undead Mob Camps that show up in the mini-map once you are close to them. Stepping into the camps starts a quest that requires the player to farm an x amount of PvE fame within the camp by killing the creatures that spawn in it. Completing the quest will award the player some Bracilien Standing and will unlock the chest in the center of the camp.

There are two types of camps: Undead Camps and Small Undead Camps. In every map, there is at least one Undead camp and 0 or more small camps. The size of the chest will likely be bigger in the Undead Camps, but the fame requirement to complete the quest will also be higher.

In yellow zones, the Undead Camps are Unrestricted PvP Zones.

Crystal Spiders

Main article: Crystal Spider

In some Mists instances (lethal only) Crystal Spiders will spawn at random locations which can be seen on the mini-map once the player is close enough. Killing them will award players with loot and Might and Favor.

Special Mechanics

Once inside, you'll encounter one of the different types of layouts at random. These contain a variety of different features: some have chokes, others have varying altitudes, and yet others are vast and open.

Mists use a unique reputation system, called Brecilien Standing. The Reputation System for the Royal continent is different and separate.

Once a specific time is reached, the Mists instance will begin to close. A progress bar will appear at the top of the screen and when it is fulfilled the player will return to the zone where he/she entered the Willow Wisp portal. If you chained Wisps by entering one while in the Mists you will return to the location of the first portal you used.

All the enemy players (not in the same party) will be anonymous. That means that they will have "Mysterious Stranger" as their username and some UI options will be disabled (Stats, Trade, Duel, Whisper, Add Friend, and Guild Invite). The report option will still be there and though the player's identity is not disclosed, the character's identity is reported correctly to the staff. The identity of the player is disclosed when:

  • They invite another player to their group (Greater Mists only), or;
  • They die.

Leaving the Mists

You can leave the Mists through the exit(s) which are different for each map. Usually, they are located at the north-east, south-east, south-west, and north-west of the map.

Another way to leave the Mists is through a Road of Avalon, with the latter randomly spawning depending on the layout of the map. It is worth noting that those portals are one-way only, meaning that once you enter it you won't be able to go back.

Lastly, the most common way to exit the Mists is to find another Willow Wisp and exit into another Mists instance.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
29 March 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 7
    • Healing Reduction: 20% → 30%
29 March 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 7
    • Adjusted Mists local maps so that exits are always visible
7 March 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 5
  • Improved matchmaking in duo Mists
13 February 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 4
    • Fixed issue where disabling Open World Tooltips for Mists entrances also disabled tooltips for region exits
9 January 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 3
  • Long Hostile Dismount
    • Ability Cooldown: 12s → 15s
14 December 2022Beyond the Veil Patch 2Player anonymity
  • Players within the Mists are now anonymous
    • Characters in the Mists and the Greater Mists will show as "Mysterious Stranger" to other players that are not in their party
    • This conceals their identity to any players that encounter them in the game world
    • Local chat channels (Say, Emote) also conceal player identities
    • Global chat channels will not conceal player identities as they are relevant to the player's current location
    • Certain UI options are disabled in anonymous areas (Stats, Trade, Duel, Whisper, Add Friend, Guild Invite)
      • "Report" still functions, and though the player's identity is not disclosed, the character's identity is reported correctly to our staff
    • A player's identity is only disclosed when:
      • They invite another player to their group (Greater Mists only)
      • They die

Mists tiers and rewards

  • Enchanted Mists now have an increased chance of leading to a higher-tier Mists zone
    • Before this Change:
      • Common
        • T6: 100%
      • Uncommon or higher
        • T6: 60%
        • T7: 30%
        • T8: 10%
    • After this Change:
      • Common
        • T6: 100%
      • Uncommon
        • T6: 66.67%
        • T7: 33.33%
      • Rare
        • T6: 40%
        • T7: 53.33%
        • T8: 6.67%
      • Epic
        • T7: 75%
        • T8: 25%
      • Legendary
        • T8: 100%
  • Higher-tier Mythical creatures are now more likely to spawn in higher-tier regions
  • Loot and Silver bonuses in Mists regions now match those in the Open World (an increase in silver and loot value of ~11.11%)
  • Upgrade distribution of enemies in the Mists increased (this results in an increase in Fame, loot, and Silver of ~12.6%)

Travel within the Mists

  • Reworked Brecilien and Unstable Roads Portals in the Mists
    • Brecilien Portals
      • 25% → 0% in Common Lethal Mists
      • 0% → 10% in Uncommon or higher Lethal Mists
      • No change in Nonlethal Mists
    • Unstable Roads Portals
      • 0% → 10% in Common Lethal Mists
      • 100% → 90% in Uncommon or higher Lethal Mists
      • 0% → 10% in Common Nonlethal Mists
      • 100% → 50% in Uncommon or higher Nonlethal Mists
  • Unstable Roads Portals within the Mists no longer connect to the Roads and now guarantee a connection to the Open World, significantly increasing their chances of connecting to both the Outlands and the Royal Continent
    • This does not affect the Unstable Roads Portal in Brecilien
  • Fast Travel with luggage is allowed to and from Brecilien, with the same cost as traveling between non-adjacent cities within the Royal Continent

Other Mists changes

  • Brecilien portals in the player’s zone become visible when Brecilien is unlocked, rather than after reaching the city
  • Arcane Spiderlings only appear on the minimap in close proximity, rather than mapwide
  • Skulls (player deaths) no longer display on the map in lethal Mists zones
  • The Mists entrance in Brecilien will not automatically select Duo Lethal if another member of your party has recently entered Duo Lethal
  • Party members of a player carrying a Wounded Wisp will also see the Wounded Wisp Sanctuary destination
21 November 2022Beyond the Veil Update
  • The Mists are a new realm dedicated to solo and duo PvE and PvP gameplay
  • Will o’ Wisps can be found in the open world and Roads of Avalon:
    • If followed, they open portals to the Mists for a short period before disappearing
    • Depending on the type of Wisp, the portals allow either one or two players to enter before closing:
      • Portals to “The Mists" (the solo version of the Mists) only support one player and parties can’t be formed while inside The Mists
      • Portals to “The Greater Mists" (the duo version of the Mists) support parties of up to two players, but no more
    • These portals have a rarity level, which can upgrade over time
  • Wisps can also be found within the Mists, which open portals to other Mist regions
  • Both lethal and non-lethal PvP are possible, depending on the region
    • Lethal Mists regions can only be found within other lethal areas of Albion
  • Combat within the Mists has no effect on Royal Continent reputation
  • Any given Mists region will eventually become fully engulfed in fog, returning all players to the location from which they entered
  • Players can use mounts, but mount health is capped at 1500
  • Players can use Journey Back ability from within the Mists
  • Mists regions contain resources (both enchanted and unenchanted), treasures, and enemies, with new enemies including the Griffin, Veilweaver, and Fey Dragon
    • These three creatures are essential for the creation of the new Fey Armor line (see below)