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General Information

Chat Moderators will carry a toggleable (MOD) tag after their name.

  • The Mods' primary tasks are to answer questions, to foster constructive discussion and if necessary keep an eye on tone and spam in the different chat channels.
  • Mods have a limited set of tools needed for chat moderation in order to temporarily mute a player's account when there is a chat rule infraction. It cannot be stressed enough that they will not see any additional information on your account and have absolutely no powers influencing the game directly.
  • Mods desire chat to be active, just within the rules and Terms of Service that every player has accepted when signing up.

Game Masters (GM) will carry a (GM) tag after their name.

  • The Game Master also moderates chat. In addition to chat, they are responsible for reviewing in-game reports and banning players who break the Terms and Conditions (for things like Botting, Multi-Accounting, etc).
  • Game Masters spend much of their in-game time addressing the issues above so it is unlikely you will see one in chat. If you are having an issue that cannot be resolved in chat, your best bet is to record the issue and submit the video to support.

Community Managers are employees of SBI.

  • Community Managers primarily communicate via the forum to help relay information between players and SBI. They occasionally appear in-game and on AOTV.

Mods, GMs, and CMs desire for the community to thrive. If you feel there is an issue in the game, it is always best to submit a bug report or post on the forum in the appropriate thread ( Bugs or Feedback )

Chat Rules

Albion Online is designed for players 18 and older. The expectation is the game and chat will not be a clinically-clean environment - it is a competitive game after all, however blatant toxicity and your favorite -isms will not be tolerated. The chat rules are agreed to as part of the game's Terms and Conditions. Here are the areas that are against the chat rules:

  • Use racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted slurs
  • Publicly accuse other players of cheating, hacking, duping, etc. either in-game or on the forums. All reports of cheating, hacking, exploits should be sent to
  • Spam the public chat channels.
  • Post material or link to material of a pornographic nature
  • Discuss the trading or selling of game-accounts
  • Doxx anyone. I.e.: Do not under any circumstances communicate content found on or related to the user's social media profiles or other sensitive information. This includes but is not limited to photographs, real names, or contact details such as email or postal addresses or phone numbers.
  • Threaten a player with violence against their person or family.
  • Post links to executable files
  • Impersonate any MOD, GM, Sandbox Interactive staff or the likes
  • Discuss moderator decisions; this includes harassing and/or hounding of moderators
  • Excessively discuss real-life politics, religion, current affairs, etc. (what is excessive? when other players start to complain or a MOD/GM asks you to change topics)
  • Ridicule people for their personal beliefs
  • Use the global channel if there are dedicated channels for your message (e.g. trade or recruit)
  • Spread toxicity
  • Use the /help channel for anything else than asking or answering game-related questions

Please note that these rules are not all-inclusive but are a common-sense guideline as to what is unacceptable in chat. If a MOD asks you to stop doing something, please do so. If you have an issue with it, please send an email to

Violators of these rules in a public channel will generally be warned by a MOD - guild or alliance chat is not moderated. Should the offending behavior re-occur, escalating temporary mutes will be issued. Frequent, repeat offenders will be subjected to direct mutes.

Silver sellers will be immediately hit with a ban hammer.

Report a Player

If you want to report a player for chat infractions, either ask for a MOD in-game, or, if there’s none available, please drop a mail to with a description of the situation, date and time when it happened and, ideally, screenshots.

To report players who cheat, bot or exploit a bug, please directly message with a description and all supporting evidence (screenshots, videos…). In-game Moderators do not have the task, or tools, to follow up on such reports. Additionally, you may target the player to report them or use the /report function in-game.

In case you have an issue over an interaction with a chat mod, please contact with an explanation of the situation.

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