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Money Making

Money in this game is in the form of Silver and Gold. This page is desired as a comprehensive money making guide for lower tier newer players. It covers a variety of the main professions.

There is only two ways to get gold:

  • Buying it with real money
  • Buying it with Silver

Silver can be obtained through playing the game in various ways. For more ways of making silver in Albion Online, see Silver. For newer players one of the most efficient way of making money is Gathering and/or Solo Dungeons.

Money Making Methods

The best ways of making money for new players early on are

Of these Gathering and solo dungeons will be your most time efficient for newer players, especially without premium until you have sufficient funds to start trading in much higher quantities and eventually purchasing premium. Alternatively you can also craft but at low tiers you will not turn much profit at all. See each of the bullet points above for how to best do each of the methods in an optimized fashion.

Additional Tips and New Player guidelines

There are a few additional tips to making money mostly targeting newer players. The main goal is: **Always Be Making Money**

Its a mindset. Think before you just leave to do things. For example, if you were going to set up crafting runs, you should be doing it in an optimized way (see the Crafting page for more info) and you'll notice you want to move your materials to a city with the bonus of whatever you are crafting. Before you leave whatever city you are in, think about some items you could buy now and sell higher there. The most basic and simply no brainer items are Luxury Goods but for more ideas and guidance see Trading.

  • Daily Expedition which can be started at any major city in the center locating the portal mage. These award a high value item once per day: Royal Sigil
  • Specialize in one area. If you aim is to make money fast as well as more over time, focusing on one area will help. The more you specialize in say, mining ore, the better you will be come and you income over time will therefore increase. This can apply to skinning, crafting specific pieces, etc. Crafting only Guardian Helmet for example, will give better specialization and return on it than if you were to craft a variety of plate helmets.
  • Leverage knowledge of Local Economies to move items around to make profit based on Supply and demand
  • Get premium status. Premium status has many benefits including static ones that straight up boost fame and silver. For a list of the benefits see, Premium Features
    • As a new player, save your 3 day premium trial for when you want to start refining or crafting to make more silver to acquire the longer 30 day premium status. Activating prematurely will result in lower overall resource gathering and crafting as your tier masteries and tools will be lower.
  • Premium Status tips
    • Passive income through farming
    • Save your focus for when it is higher and craft/refine all at once.