Morgana Aspirant

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Morgana Aspirant

Screenshot of Morgana Aspirant boss

The Morgana Aspirant is a Boss mob found in Morgana Faction Randomized Dungeons. Difficulty: Medium.


This boss mainly relies on summoning bats and casting circular area effect spells, but also deals significant normal attack damage. Her most dangerous ability is Spinning Crows, which requires players to spread out to avoid damage.

  • Summon Bat: Summons a low-health minion that deals moderate damage and explodes on death, dealing heavy damage around it. Will often target the healer if no one else attacks it.
  • Curse Field: Places a medium sized AoE that persists on the ground, dealing low but consistent damage over time to anyone standing in it.
  • Spinning Crows: Targets one player, putting a large aura on them that deals heavy damage over time to any other players within it. Deals no damage to the main target.

Recommended Strategy

This fight can get a little hectic due to how much running around is required to avoid damage, but as long as you keep calm it never gets too difficult. You should focus on:

  1. Staying spread out so that Spinning Crows won't deal any damage.
  2. Quickly defeating the summoned bats, and avoiding their death explosions.

Once you get used to fighting her, anticipating Spinning Crows and using stuns or knockbacks to prevent it from being cast will make the fight significantly easier.