Morgana Fang

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General Information

The Morgana Fang is a Boss found in the Randomized Dungeons as well as in Randomized Solo Dungeons.

  • The Morgana Fang is part of the Morgana Faction.
  • The Morgana Fang's damage is reliant on Auto Attacks, with 2 abilities
  • The Morgana Fang is usually guarding an Epic Chest, but can be seen guarding a Legendary Chest

Abilities (All Abilities are not named by SBI and are just made up)

  • Morgana Claw

After a short delay, Morgana Fang releases an attack to the targeted player on 3 splitting directions and dealing high damage

  • Morgana Sweep

After a short delay, Morgana Fang dashes to the targeted player that deals mediocre damage, leaving a Red Trail that slows and deals high damage

  • Phase 2

After hitting a certain HP, the Morgana Fang will have their damage and attack speed increased