Morgana Raven (Mob)

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This article is about the mob. For the ability or mount with the same name, see Morgana Raven.

Morgana Raven

The Morgana Raven (Mob) is a Boss mob found in the Randomized Dungeons as well as in Randomized Solo Dungeons.

  • Morgana Raven's damage is heavily reliant on Crowd Control Skillshots

Abilities (All Abilities are not named by SBI and are just made up)

  • Raven Ring

Puts the targeted Player on a small ring, dealing high damage and slowing players who touches it

  • Raven Push

After a short time, Morgana Raven casts a straight line that pushes players in a great distance and dealing mediocre damage

Difficulty: Medium.


Morgana Raven w/ Legendary Chest (Last Boss)