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General Information


Mounts are animals that players can ride in Albion Online. While the players are mounted they get the stats of the mount. Stats vary depending on the type and tier of the mount and include weight load, hit points, hit points regeneration, speed and resistance. Players can use mounts if they unlock the Adventurer Node on the Destiny Board, and they can gradually use higher tier mounts as they unlock a higher level of the Adventurer node. For example, if you have adventurer Tier 5, you can use mounts Tier 5 or below but not Tier 6 or higher.

You now benefit from the Carry Weight Bonus from all mounts, excluding transport and battle mounts, just by equipping the mount. The bonus applies even if you are dismounted or move outside of the mount circle. This means players keep the load bonus while on foot, after getting dismounted, when entering a dungeon, etc. This new system scales with the mount's Item Power (hence the carry weight changes reflected below), and also adjusts the load progression over tiers.

Selecting a Mount

There are three things to consider when selecting a mount:

  • Speed (how fast the mount can travel)
  • Carrying Capacity (how much the player can carry while mounted)
  • Resilience (how fast can the player get dismounted by other players or mobs)


Mounting is a channeled spell, by default A key, which can be interrupted. Different mounts have different duration mounting spells. If a player mounts and then dismounts, a range circle from the mount will appear which indicates that the player cannot go further than the circle without losing the carry weight capacity of the mount and the ability to fast mount by clicking on the mount.

Forced Dismount

  • Players who are force-dismounted, either by mob or player attacks, will now be instantly cleansed and will be temporarily immune to crowd-control effects
  • This ensures that force-dismounted players can always still activate a skill after getting dismounted, and should prevent perma-stun by attackers

Breeding of Mounts

Breeding mechanics are the same for all animals and mounts. For breeding mechanics see Island Farms.

Once a baby has been raised to an adult it must be crafted with some materials at the Saddler to give it a saddle and turn it into a mount. Most mounts can be crafted at the Saddler, but the Vanity Merchant and the Arena Master Joan also craft a few mounts.

Mount Skins

There are many vanity skins that replace the default appearance of a mount. Please see Mount Skins.

Comparison Table of Mounts

This table is based on normal quality mounts. Higher quality mounts have increased hitpoints, max load, armor, magical resistance and cc resistance if the mount has more than 0 baseline.

 TierQualityItem powerMount hit pointsMount speed bonusMount gallop speed bonusMax load
Adept's Giant Stag4Normal70060170105227
Adept's Riding Horse4Normal7007526510594
Adept's Transport Ox4Normal7001,5045080
Avalonian Basilisk7Normal9801,239115115301
Black Panther8Normal1,10080575127
Crystal Battle Eagle8Normal1,1006,0755050
Crystal Battle Rhino8Normal1,1006,6444040
Crystal Colossus Beetle8Normal1,1009,871
Crystal Tower Chariot8Normal1,1006,8344040
Elder's Armored Horse8Normal1,10094965125
Elder's Command Mammoth8Normal1,10040,244
Elder's Horse
Elder's Riding Horse8Normal1,10094965125247
Elder's Transport Mammoth8Normal1,1003,7973030
Elder's Transport Ox8Normal1,1001,89850100
Expert's Armored Horse5Normal80079765110
Expert's Riding Horse5Normal80079765110122
Expert's Transport Ox5Normal8001,5945085
Flame Basilisk7Normal1,0009,4914040
Frost Ram6Normal90067670115374
Giant Horse7Normal90096065125156
Gold Battle Eagle7Normal1,0005,7315050
Gold Battle Rhino7Normal1,0006,2684040
Gold Colossus Beetle7Normal1,0009,312
Gold Tower Chariot7Normal1,0006,4474040
Grandmaster's Armored Horse7Normal1,00089565120
Grandmaster's Riding Horse7Normal1,00089565120197
Grandmaster's Transport Ox7Normal1,0001,7915095
Grizzly Bear7Normal1,0003,5827575
Journeyman's Riding Horse3Normal5006696510053
Journeyman's Transport Ox3Normal5001,3385075
Master's Armored Horse6Normal90084565115
Master's Riding Horse6Normal90084565115156
Master's Transport Ox6Normal9001,6895090
Morgana Nightmare8Normal1,1001,00665128
Morgana Raven (Mount)6Normal90040585130
Novice's Mule2Normal300238408025
Pest Lizard7Normal1,0001,254110110315
Recruiter's Giant Frog3Normal500669-20-20
Recruiter's Moabird6Normal90054170127
Recruiter's Ram3Normal5002683575
Recruiter's Saddled Bat3Normal50066965100
... further results