Murkwater Clam Soup

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Murkwater Clam Soup
Meal that increases health regeneration outside of combat and general energy regeneration for a long period.

Murkwater Clam Soup is a Food that can be created at the Cook, once a player has unlocked the Sous Chef skill from the Farming tree on the Destiny Board.

Item effect:

Improves your health regeneration and your energy regeneration for 30 minutes outside of combat .

  • enchantment level 0 or flat by 133% and 10%
  • enchantment level 1 or .1 by 161% and 12.1%
  • enchantment level 2 or .2 by 189% and 14.2%
  • enchantment level 3 or .3 by 210% and 15.8%
Building Favourite N/A
Nutrition 360
Amount crafted 1
Fish Sauce needed to enchant 9
1 x Murkwater Clam
2 x Sheaf of Wheat
2 x Brightleaf Comfrey
2 x Raw Chicken