Mythical Web

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Mythical Web

An active ability found on Duskweaver Armor.

Mythical Web
Energy Cost 5% Place a web with a 7m radius under your feet, lasting 5s (can't be interrupted). Slows all enemies within it by 35%. Purges all Move Speed buffs.

Placing a new web on the ground will dissolve all ally webs in a 20m radius around you.

Cast Time 0.4s
Range Self
Cooldown 40s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1100 item power. Spells with x/y values refer to 1h weapon/2h weapon values.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
14 December 2022Beyond the Veil Patch 2
  • Mythical Web (Duskweaver Armor)
    • Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s
    • Other Webs Removal Radius: 20m → 16m