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General Information

On this page, you will find a collection of frequently asked questions by new players.

New Player Questions

Topic Answer
Where should I start when I log in? Please read about the Tutorial and then you are free to do anything you wish in the game
Are there no quests in the game to help me level? No, as this is a sandbox-style game, you would level up by doing any of the activities you find enjoyable
Are there any zones without PVP? Only the city zones are 100% safe. It is possible to experience PVP in a Blue zone if you are faction flagged
Are banks global or local? All banks are local to the zone they are in and are not connected to each other
Is there fast travel in Albion Online? Yes. You can use a Travel Planner to travel from city to city; though, if you have items in your inventory, you will pay a price based on the total weight of your luggage. You may also use the /suicide command to travel to your bound home point or a nearby guild location. However, please note, using the /suicide command will make you drop everything on your character.

For normal travel see: Travel

I'm stuck, what can I do? Use the /stuck command to be moved to a nearby zone line. This is a slow cast and may only be used once every 24 hours
What class should I play? There are no classes in Albion Online. You are what you wear!
Can I mail items in game? No, you cannot mail items or in-game currency
Are there different chat channels I can see? You can filter chat in the top left of your chat box for these options: Chat
How do I report a player? You may click on the player and select "Report" which is the best way to report inappropriate chat or type /report playername
Can I change the camera angle? No, it is not possible to change the camera angle in game. You can however modify the field of view using in game settings.
Will the server be wiped? No, the server will not be wiped.
How do I transfer items or silver between characters? Please see our page on transferring items here: Item Transfer
How do I make Silver? See Silver
In combat, is loot based on last hit on a mob if multiple players attack? Loot and kill credit is given to the player or group who did the most damage.

New Player - Basics on the Wiki

Topic Answer
How do I buy or sell items? You may use the Trade channel in game or the Market Place
What is the difference between Blue, Yellow, Red and Black zones? Please read Zones
What is Fame? Please read Fame
What is the Destiny Board? Please read Destiny Board
What is Premium? Please read Premium
What is Focus? Please read Focus
What are Learning Points and how do I get them? Please read Learning Points
What is Gold used for? Please read Gold
What is a Player Island and how do I get one? Please read Player Island
What is a Guild Island and how do I get one? Please read Guild Island
Can I turn off invitations to party, guild, trade and duels? Yes, please read Game Settings
Are there chat rules I need to abide by? Yes, please read Moderation Rules
What are all the acronyms I see in Albion? Please read Albion Online Abbreviations and Acronyms

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