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The Nimue update arrived November 21, bringing numerous new features and updates to the world of Albion. Foremost among these is Crystal Realm Battles, a stunning new 5v5 GvG mode set in a mystical alternate plane. Take on other guilds with legendary loot and resources at stake in daily battles that bring new depth and opportunities to guild-versus-guild combat. This update also brings a brand-new Party Finder, which allows single players and guilds alike to create and join groups to take part in numerous activities throughout the open world.

Nimue will bring numerous Quality-of-Life changes long requested by our community, including the ability to change and preview guild logos and place crops and furniture via cursor. Albion's open world also gains new depth with Mob Faction capes, Guardian Aspects, and the ability to mark enemies and view party members' roles. It's all rounded out with improvements to Faction Outposts and the Arena, improved NPCs and town buildings, and numerous bug fixes and combat balance improvements.

Crystal Realm Arena

Crystal Realm Battles

Enter the Crystal Realm and face off against other guilds in full-loot, 5v5 battles over valuable rewards and energy. With a huge number of daily battles and all participants receiving a proportional share of the loot, this system gives new teams a chance at the spoils of guild warfare. It all takes place in the Crystal Realm, a new arena featuring a gorgeous art style imbued with light and color.

Party Finder

The Party Finder is an all-new lobby system that allows all players to create and join parties and participate in a broad range of open-world activities. Built for solo players, small groups, and guilds alike, this feature allows for a broad range of gameplay options, ranging from spontaneous dungeon and Hellgate raids to organized guild activities and roleplay.

Mob Faction Capes

New Mob Faction Capes

In addition to the City Faction capes introduced with the Merlyn update, players can now complement their combat builds with five all-new Mob Faction capes. These capes require a base cape, a special crest, and City Heart resources, and offer unique passive spells including the Undead Cape's Invisibility (Escape / Utility), Keeper Cape's Damage Increase (Bruiser / Tank), and Demon Cape's Lava Pool (DPS)

Quality-of-Life Improvements

This update included numerous quality-of-life improvements, including:

  • Prearranged parties stay together after Arenas / Expeditions
  • Keyboard shortcut to move items without stacking
  • Gear locking in duels
  • Guild account logs for Silver and Gold transactions
  • Guild island location displays in Guild UI
  • Chat history and lockable chat lines
  • Auto-learn toggleable for each Destiny Board node
Markers displaying above enemies

Enemy Markers and Party Roles

With Nimue, players now have the ability to mark enemy players and NPCs in the open world, bringing new depth and control to the Albion combat experience.

Additionally, combat roles based on those in Expeditions and the Arena (such as tank, healer, etc.) now display for current party members in the open world.

Guild Logo Updates

Nimue will bring a new feature long requested by Albion's guilds: the ability to change guild logos after creation. In addition, guild logos can now be previewed in a variety of different contexts when being created or changed, allowing players to see in advance how their new logo will look on capes, shields, and banners.

Reworked Farming and Furniture Placement

With Nimue, farming has been streamlined, allowing you to place crops, herbs, and animals at the mouse cursor's position. You can also place furniture and vanity items with the cursor, allowing you to tend to your farms, houses, and territories much more efficiently and quickly.

Guardian Aspects

Ore Colossus Aspect

These "mini-guardians" are smaller versions of existing Guardians, which spawn randomly throughout the open world. A tough challenge in their own right, these creatures offer new opportunities for smaller groups to earn Fame and valuable resources. Some have even been updated with new spells and abilities, so you'll have to stay on your toes to take them down.

Outlands Resource Redistribution

With the Nimue update, Tier 8 resources will be moved into the open world, giving all players a better chance of gathering them. These resources will still only appear in high-tier zones (meaning they remain a high-risk, high-reward option), but this change gives all gatherers a fighting chance at obtaining the most valuable resources in the game.

Improved NPCs and Buildings

Numerous city NPCs now have full voiceover audio to make your interactions with them more meaningful and entertaining. In addition, several major merchants and craftspeople have been updated with new character models and animations. Lighting effects have been added to major merchant buildings in cities to make them easier to find at night.

Arena and Faction Outpost Improvements

Arena rewards and setup have been adjusted based on community feedback, and are now comparable to a similar time investment in Group Expeditions. Additionally, Faction Warfare bosses have been adjusted to be slightly less overpowered against smaller groups. With this change, very experienced solo players or groups of two should now have a better chance of taking part in outpost battles.

Additional Improvements

In addition to the changes already mentioned above, Nimue added numerous additional improvements, including:

  • Numerous combat balancing updates
  • Significantly improved Treasure Site and Relic Chest rewards
  • Increased chance of Soul and Relic artifacts in Hellgates
  • Numerous graphical, audio, UI, localization, animation, and texture fixes