Novice's Mercenary Jacket

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Novice's Mercenary Jacket

Equipment Item, Leather Armors are balanced between defense and offense.
1.5 kg
Item value

General Information

The Novice's Mercenary Jacket is a Tier 2 Leather Armor which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place.

There are two options for the R spell slot: Mend Wounds (Fifth) and Inferno Shield (Fifth)

There is one option for the passive slot: Swiftness (Passive) and Balanced Mind (Passive)  

Additionally, the Novice's Mercenary Jacket has +24% to Physical and Magic Attack Bonus, as well as a +24% to Physical and Magical Ability Bonus

The Novice's Mercenary Jacket may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Novice's Mercenary Jacket Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Novice's Mercenary Jacket, players will need the following materials:

Tier 2.0 Mercenary Jacket Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Stiff Leather 16
Produces 1 x   Novice's Mercenary Jacket


Novice's Mercenary Jacket
Item Quality Tier Item Power Armor Magical Resistance Max Hit Points Max Energy CC resistance Damage and Healing Bonus Hit Points Regeneration (Bonus +150%) Energy Regeneration (Bonus +6%) CC duration bonus
Normal 2.0 300 127 127 115 9 53 24% 1.1/s 0.11/s 20%
Good 2.0 320 129 129 123 9.7 55 24% 1.2/s 0.12/s 20%
Outstanding 2.0 340 130 130 131 10 57 24% 1.3/s 0.13/s 20%
Excellent 2.0 360 131 131 140 11 58 24% 1.4/s 0.14/s 20%
Masterpiece 2.0 400 134 134 157 13 62 24% 1.6/s 0.16/s 20%

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