Offhand Weapon Artifact

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General Information

Off-Hand Artifacts may be crafted into magic weapons or salvaged at a repair station

Off-Hand Artifacts are considered stackable items and will stack up to 999 per stack

Off-Hand Weapon Artifact Types

Tier Weapon Type Item Name Used to Craft
4 Shield Adept's Ancient Shield Core Adept's Sarcophagus
5 Shield Expert's Ancient Shield Core Expert's Sarcophagus
6 Shield Master's Ancient Shield Core Master's Sarcophagus
7 Shield Grandmaster's Ancient Shield Core Grandmaster's Sarcophagus
8 Shield Elder's Ancient Shield Core Elder's Sarcophagus
4 Shield Adept's Infernal Shield Core Adept's Caitiff Shield
5 Shield Expert's Infernal Shield Core Expert's Caitiff Shield
6 Shield Master's Infernal Shield Core Master's Caitiff Shield
7 Shield Grandmaster's Infernal Shield Core Grandmaster's Caitiff Shield
8 Shield Elder's Infernal Shield Core Elder's Caitiff Shield
4 Shield Adept's Bloodforged Spikes Adept's Facebreaker
5 Shield Expert's Bloodforged Spikes Expert's Facebreaker
6 Shield Master's Bloodforged Spikes Master's Facebreaker
7 Shield Grandmaster's Bloodforged Spikes Grandmaster's Facebreaker
8 Shield Elder's Bloodforged Spikes Elder's Facebreaker
4 Shield Adept's Crushed Avalonian Heirloom Adept's Astral Aegis
5 Shield Expert's Crushed Avalonian Heirloom Expert's Astral Aegis
6 Shield Master's Crushed Avalonian Heirloom Master's Astral Aegis
7 Shield Grandmaster's Crushed Avalonian Heirloom Grandmaster's Astral Aegis
8 Shield Elder's Crushed Avalonian Heirloom Elder's Astral Aegis
4 Tome Adept's Alluring Crystal Adept's Eye of Secrets
5 Tome Expert's Alluring Crystal Expert's Eye of Secrets
6 Tome Master's Alluring Crystal Master's Eye of Secrets
7 Tome Grandmaster's Alluring Crystal Grandmaster's Eye of Secrets
8 Tome Elder's Alluring Crystal Elder's Eye of Secrets
4 Book Adept's Demonic Jawbone Adept's Muisak
5 Book Expert's Demonic Jawbone Expert's Muisak
6 Book Master's Demonic Jawbone Master's Muisak
7 Book Grandmaster's Demonic Jawbone Grandmaster's Muisak
8 Book Elder's Demonic Jawbone Elder's Muisak
4 Book Adept's Inscribed Stone Adept's Taproot
5 Book Expert's Inscribed Stone Expert's Taproot
6 Book Master's Inscribed Stone Master's Taproot
7 Book Grandmaster's Inscribed Stone Grandmaster's Taproot
8 Book Elder's Inscribed Stone Elder's Taproot
4 Torch Adept's Severed Celestial Keepsake Adept's Celestial Censer
5 Torch Expert's Severed Celestial Keepsake Expert's Celestial Censer
6 Torch Master's Severed Celestial Keepsake Master's Celestial Censer
7 Torch Grandmaster's Severed Celestial Keepsake Grandmaster's Celestial Censer
8 Torch Elder's Severed Celestial Keepsake Elder's Celestial Censer
4 Horn Adept's Runed Horn Adept's Mistcaller
5 Horn Expert's Runed Horn Expert's Mistcaller
6 Horn Master's Runed Horn Master's Mistcaller
7 Horn Grandmaster's Runed Horn Grandmaster's Mistcaller
8 Horn Elder's Runed Horn Elder's Mistcaller
4 Torch Adept's Hellish Handle Adept's Leering Cane
5 Torch Expert's Hellish Handle Expert's Leering Cane
6 Torch Master's Hellish Handle Master's Leering Cane
7 Torch Grandmaster's Hellish Handle Grandmaster's Leering Cane
8 Torch Elder's Hellish Handle Elder's Leering Cane
4 Torch Adept's Ghastly Candle Adept's Cryptcandle
5 Torch Expert's Ghastly Candle Expert's Cryptcandle
6 Torch Master's Ghastly Candle Master's Cryptcandle
7 Torch Grandmaster's Ghastly Candle Grandmaster's Cryptcandle
8 Torch Elder's Ghastly Candle Elder's Cryptcandle
4 Torch Adept's Shattered Avalonian Memento Adept's Sacred Scepter
5 Torch Expert's Shattered Avalonian Memento Expert's Sacred Scepter
6 Torch Master's Shattered Avalonian Memento Master's Sacred Scepter
7 Torch Grandmaster's Shattered Avalonian Memento Grandmaster's Sacred Scepter
8 Torch Elder's Shattered Avalonian Memento Elder's Sacred Scepter