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General Information

  • To wear One-handed weapons, the appropriate node must be unlocked on the Destiny Board
  • The journey to unlock Tier 2 One-handed weapons begins in the Trainee Fighter node
  • To unlock Tier 3 One-handed weapons, the player will need to unlock the Journeyman Fighter node of the appropriate type: Mage/Hunter/Warrior
  • In order to unlock Tier 4 and higher One-handed weapons, the player will need to unlock the Mage/Hunter/Warrior Fighter node
  • Once the T4 node is unlocked, the player will determine which type of One-handed weapons they would like to unlock further
  • There are two different weapon types that may be unlocked on the Destiny Board: Non-Artifact and Artifact
  • Additionally, players will be able to craft Artifact Mage/Hunter/Warrior weapons beginning at Tier 4 if they have the appropriate Artifact items


  • Based on Normal Item Quality
  • Weapons have additional stats and enchantments which may be viewed by clicking on the Item Name
Item NameTierItem PowerAttack DamageAttack SpeedShop CategoryShop Subcategory
Beginner's Broadsword1100361.35 /smeleesword
Novice's Broadsword2300421.35 /smeleesword
Novice's Fire Staff2300281.35 /smagicfirestaff
Journeyman's Arcane Staff3500331.35 /smagicarcanestaff
Journeyman's Battleaxe3500611.1 /smeleeaxe
Journeyman's Broadsword3500491.35 /smeleesword
Journeyman's Cursed Staff3500331.35 /smagiccursestaff
Journeyman's Dagger3500342 /smeleedagger
Journeyman's Fire Staff3500331.35 /smagicfirestaff
Journeyman's Frost Staff3500331.35 /smagicfroststaff
Journeyman's Hammer3500581 /smeleehammer
Journeyman's Holy Staff3500331.35 /smagicholystaff
Journeyman's Mace3500730.8 /smeleemace
Journeyman's Nature Staff3500331.35 /smagicnaturestaff
Journeyman's Spear3500611.1 /smeleespear
Adept's Arcane Staff4700381.35 /smagicarcanestaff
Adept's Battleaxe4700711.1 /smeleeaxe
Adept's Bedrock Mace4725870.8 /smeleemace
Adept's Bloodletter4725481.66 /smeleedagger
Adept's Broadsword4700571.35 /smeleesword
Adept's Chillhowl4800411.35 /smagicfroststaff
Adept's Clarent Blade4725591.35 /smeleesword
Adept's Cursed Staff4700381.35 /smagiccursestaff
Adept's Dagger4700402 /smeleedagger
Adept's Daybreaker4800771.1 /smeleespear
Adept's Demonfang4750422 /smeleedagger
Adept's Druidic Staff4725391.35 /smagicnaturestaff
Adept's Fire Staff4700381.35 /smagicfirestaff
Adept's Frost Staff4700381.35 /smagicfroststaff
Adept's Hallowfall4800411.35 /smagicholystaff
Adept's Hammer4700681 /smeleehammer
Adept's Heron Spear4725731.1 /smeleespear
Adept's Hoarfrost Staff4725391.35 /smagicfroststaff
Adept's Holy Staff4700381.35 /smagicholystaff
Adept's Incubus Mace4750890.8 /smeleemace
Adept's Ironroot Staff4800411.35 /smagicnaturestaff
Adept's Lifecurse Staff4725391.35 /smagiccursestaff
Adept's Lifetouch Staff4725391.35 /smagicholystaff
Adept's Light Crossbow4700511 /srangedcrossbow
Adept's Mace4700850.8 /smeleemace
Adept's Nature Staff4700381.35 /smagicnaturestaff
Adept's Shadowcaller4800411.35 /smagiccursestaff
Adept's Spear4700711.1 /smeleespear
Adept's Wildfire Staff4725391.35 /smagicfirestaff
Adept's Witchwork Staff4725391.35 /smagicarcanestaff
Expert's Arcane Staff5800411.35 /smagicarcanestaff
Expert's Battleaxe5800771.1 /smeleeaxe
Expert's Bedrock Mace5825940.8 /smeleemace
Expert's Bloodletter5825521.66 /smeleedagger
Expert's Broadsword5800621.35 /smeleesword
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