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General Information

In Albion Online, the term Open World refers to everything that is not accessible through gated entry (instanced content).This page will outline some of the most common open world content within the game.

All Zones, Territories, Open World Dungeons, Castles, Treasure Chests and other content would be considered open world - if you can interact or compete with other players in the proximity of the feature.


Clusters are divided into four types of zones in Albion as a way to easily show differences in PvP mechanics:

  • Blue Zone: Safe zone for non faction flagged players. For faction flagged it is knockdown only
  • Yellow Zone: PvP flagging/reputation system; PvP-lite in that you may be knocked down by other players. If you click die, you will drop all items in your inventory.
  • Red Zone: PvP flagging/reputation system; full-loot PvP in the open world including for Faction War flagged players representing different cities
  • Black Zone: Full-loot PvP without the flagging and reputation system


Territories are open-world claimable areas within clusters that provide an NPC and deadly watchtower guarded refuge for players in the owner's guild or alliance. Some of the other cluster-wide benefits include additional resource enchantment rate and bonus gathering yield. The benefits and the defenses of the territory increase as the tower is upgraded through the crystal league system.

Territories are only claimable during seasons, and change hands regularly via Invasion Days throughout the season or anytime mid-season through open-world combat.

Territories only exist in the black zone.

Open World Dungeons

Open World Dungeons are designated locations on the map with a high density of mobs. There are 4 types of open world dungeons:

  • Outside mob camps around the world bosses.
  • Inside mobs on the world bosses location (when the boss hasn't spawned)
  • The mobs around the regular group dungeons
  • Sepulcher of Magic (see image below)

Castles and Castle Outposts

Castles are open-world structures which can be claimed by guilds. Because the rewards for owning a castle are season points, loot, and safe deposit for the owners, many guilds try to compete for the ownership of the castle and engage in Zerg vs. Zerg (ZvZ) fights.

Castle Outpost are the similar to Castles, they are open-world structures that can be claimed by guilds, owning the outpost rewards your guild with season points and there's a lootable chest in the middle.


Treasures spawn randomly within any zone, they can be Small, Medium and Large.

Each size has different rewards, large being the most rewarding and small being the least rewarding.

Once spawned, Treasures stay locked for a duration based on their size (5 minutes / 20 minutes / 40 minutes)

Treasures are only shown on the map to players in the same or nearby zones – the range at which they are visible depends on their size

Storage Posts

Storage Posts can be found in some zones in the black zones

They serve as banks for the player.

You need to buy the first tab in order to store gear, resources, etc...

The Mists

Wisps will spawn in the open world. Getting near a wisp will make them open a portal to the mists after a few seconds.

Mists are enterable alone if it is a normal wisp and greater wisps allow up to two players to enter the mists.