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Ore is a resource that is harvested with a pickaxe tool of no less than one tier below the tier of the ore being harvested. Harvesting this resource advances the Miner skill.

Ore can be found in uncommon, rare or exceptional form. Higher tier regions have higher tier ore resource nodes.

Ore is very common in the mountain biome. It can also be found in medium quantities in the highland biome and in low quantities in the steppe biome. Ore can not be found in the forest biome or the swamp biome

Ore is refined at the smelter building into Metal Bars. Metal bars are used when crafting armor, weapons or furniture.

List of Ore

Image Harvesting Yield Name Amount per Node Tier Zones Transmutation
T2 ore node image.png Copper Ore 9 2 (II) Blue
T3 ore node image.png Tin Ore 9 3 (III) Blue, Yellow Copper Ore
T4 ore node image.png Iron Ore 6 4 (IV) Blue, Yellow, Red, Black Tin Ore
T5 ore node image.png Titanium Ore 4 5 (V) Yellow, Red, Black
T6 ore node image.png Runite Ore 5 6 (VI) Red, Black
T7 ore node image.png Meteorite Ore 23 7 (VII) Black
T8 ore node image.png Adamantium Ore 27 8 (VIII) Black

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