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The Outlands is a huge landmass to the north of the Royal Continent. Located within the continent are three small towns (similar to the cities on The Royal Continent). The Outlands are made up entirely of black zones.

Arriving in the Outlands

The only way to access the Outlands are Realmgates. They can be found in every city (except Caerleon).


Portal Lock

Returning to any city on the Royal Continent (either through a portal or death) - unless the player took the portal back during the 30 second grace period - will portal lock the player for 10 minutes. This means the player can only go through that Realmgate exit until the lock expires.


Cities Lock

Each Realmgate has three exit portals to the Outlands. Using one of these exits will lock the player to the city's Realmgate. While this lock is active, the player will not be able to use any other city's Realmgate until the lock is removed.

This lock can be removed in two ways:

  1. Travel to a different-colored portal in the Outlands.
  2. Remove the binding at a Realmgate in any other city. (Note: This possibility has 7 days cooldown).

Time Zones

The New Outlands time zones

Prime times will occur at 0:00, 3:00, 5:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 UTC. The number of areas in a given prime time directly relates to player numbers during these times. (This only affects territory battles).

Exclusive Content

The Outlands offers a lot of content for both solo and group players. Placing a hideout may help a lot with long time trips to zones.

There are a few things that can be found only in the Outlands:

  • Avalonian Dungeons
  • Territory Battles
  • Outposts and Castles

The Outlands also offers a bonus to silver drops and fame.

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
9 January 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 3
  • The debuff a character receives when fast traveling from a Rest or Outlands Hideout has been made more lenient to allow greater freedom for small-scale travel
    • This debuff will now only remove a Home binding when walking from a Portal City to the Outlands
      • Traveling to the Outlands using another method (e.g. Roads of Avalon or the Mists) will not remove Home binding
    • Traveling to a Portal City from the Outlands on foot will remove this debuff, allowing a character to freely travel again without fear of losing their Home
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9
  • Reduced recovery time of items from destroyed Hideouts from 28 days to 7 days, and halved the recovery fee
2 February 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 13 (Balance Patch)
  • Hideouts can now only be set as "Home" when owned by your current guild, OR when they are Level 3 Hideouts owned by a currently allied guild. This includes houses and guild halls inside Hideouts.
27 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 25 new Castles and 20 new Castle Outposts have been added to the Outlands. Players in affected zones when the patch is deployed will be moved to the nearest entrance.

New Castles (Location / Prime Time):

  • Drownfield Course / 15:00 UTC
  • Greenshore Peninsula / 3:00 UTC
  • Sunstrand Delta / 3:00 UTC
  • Highstone Meadow / 0:00 UTC
  • Gravemound Cliffs / 5:00 UTC

New Castle Outposts (Location / Prime Time):

  • Wetgrave Swale / 21:00 UTC
  • Brambleshore Hinterlands / 21:00 UTC
  • Southgrove Escarp / 3:00 UTC
  • Giantweald Woods / 15:00 UTC
  • Timberscar Copse / 15:00 UTC
  • Timbertop Escarp / 18:00 UTC
  • Swiftsands Plain / 21:00 UTC
  • Thirstwater Steppe / 0:00 UTC
  • Drytop Riverbed / 18:00 UTC
  • Thirstwater Waste / 21:00 UTC
  • Farshore Lagoon / 15:00 UTC
  • Slakesands Mesa / 5:00 UTC
  • Sandmount Desert / 15:00 UTC
  • Highstone Grassland / 3:00 UTC
  • Gravemound Brim / 3:00 UTC
  • Stonelake Hillock / 15:00 UTC
  • Everwinter Passage / 21:00 UTC
  • Munten Fell / 3:00 UTC
  • Frostseep Crevasse / 18:00 UTC
  • Whitecliff Expanse / 21:00 UTC
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
  • Using an Outlands Portal Shrine now also makes the player immune to crowd control effects - this effect will be nullified along with other positive and negative shrine effects upon changing a cluster or any world interaction
  • 5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3Personal bank space in the Outlands, known as Outlands Banks, can now be unlocked at numerous locations. Here's how it works:
    • Any given Outlands Bank location can be unlocked with a one-time Silver payment
    • Once a specific bank is unlocked, it can be used forever
    • Any number of locations can be unlocked by paying the Silver fee for each of them
    • Storage is local and does not transfer between bank locations
    • Important: these banks are located in PvP-enabled zones, and guards will not interfere if you are attacked or attack others
    25 March 2020Queen Patch 8
  • Click priority has been updated for the Invisibility Shrines in Outlands portal zones: shrines are now clicked before any player corpses in the immediate area
  • Once a shrine has been activated by a player, they will then be able to click on and loot dead players in the immediate area
  • Looting (as with other activities in the zone, like skinning/gathering) will deactivate the invisibility buff but leave the silence buff active
  • 11 March 2020Queen Patch 7
    • Added shrines to the immediate area around Outlands portals
    • Added shrines near each exit of the Portal zones
    • Increased total Portal zone exits - each now has 4 exits
    • These shrines grant invisibility, and operate under the following conditions:
      • Player is invisible for 2 minutes
      • Player is silenced and unable to attack for 2 minutes 30 seconds
      • Using the shrine resets the timer on any protection bubble already in place
      • Leaving the zone immediately cancels the invisibility buff and silence debuff
      • The shrine buff always has a 10-minute cooldown before it can be reactivated, regardless of whether a different invisibility shrines is used
      • These shrines cannot be used by players with "Outlaw" status
    12 February 2020Queen Patch 3
    • The three Outlands towns (Merlyn's Rest, Arthur's Rest, Morgana's Rest) now no longer count as cities for the "Last City" respawn option.
    • For those who want to respawn in these cities, they can now be set as "Home" via the management board next to the Marketplace.
    12 February 2020Queen Patch 3The “Reset Home” status effect Players who have a home set in the Outlands - either in one of the Outlands towns or a Hideout - and choose the respawn option "Last City" will respawn in the last Royal city they visited. Upon respawning in the "Last City", they receive the “Reset Home” status effect. This effect will cause the current home location to be removed if the player uses a Realmgate.
    20 January 2020Queen UpdateThe Queen update completely reworks the Outlands, with lower-tier zones at the outer edge and higher-tier zones at the center. This allows guilds of different strengths to compete at their own levels, and alongside numerous additional new systems such as Hideouts and Open-World Territory Battles (see below), allows guilds to truly live in the Outlands.

    The updated Outlands continent contains three small towns: Arthur's Rest, Merlyn's Rest, and Morgana's Rest. Each has a bank, repair station, and local marketplace, as well as a shrine for an invisibility buff lasting 30 seconds or until departing, allowing players to choose their exit in secret.

    All clusters within an Outlands region now share the same prefix for improved search and navigation, and portal clusters are indicated by name.
    20 January 2020Queen UpdateThe Avalonians are a new elite faction found in Elite Randomized Dungeons, which spawn in all T6-8 Outlands zones and offer a high-level challenge to groups of 10-20 players. Along with the highest-value loot in the game, these dungeons contain a shrine that offers a week-long Fame increase for killing mobs. In addition to the Avalonian Basilisk mount, tools, and foods already introduced with the Standalone Season, players can now obtain artifacts and shards from defeated Avalonian mobs which can be crafted into three different sets (cloth/leather/plate) of Avalonian Artifact Armor with a wide range of new abilities. (Currently all levels of this armor have the same appearance when worn, tiers will be differentiated in an upcoming patch.)
    20 January 2020Queen Update
    • Lesser Outlands treasures spawn every 5 hours
    • Greater Outlands treasures spawn every 7 hours
    • Treasures spawn at castles and castle outposts at cluster prime time on Saturdays and Sundays
    9 May 2019Oberon Patch 5 (Midseason Patch)Three major new Outland regions have been added to the world of Albion: Siluria (equivalent in size and value to Cumbria) and West and East Glouvia (equivalent in size and value to West and East Anglia, respectively). While these regions will be claimable during the next Invasion Day (May 18), and will generate siphoned energy and spawn loot chests, they will not contribute season points to the current (sixth) GvG season. They will begin generating season points as normal at the beginning of Season 7. In conjunction with this expansion and the redistribution of Outlands portals, Energy Manipulator NPCs have been added close to the Realmgate in each of the Royal Cities.
    9 May 2019Oberon Patch 5 (Midseason Patch)Players can now remove their portal binding (i.e. the lock to a particular city's Outlands portal) once every 30 days. This allows some flexibility with portal locks, while ensuring it only occurs for important reasons (guild moves, major strategic changes, urgent access to a new territory, etc.). The option of switching city bindings by traveling across the Outlands to a different-colored portal remains in effect.