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The Outlands are what make up the landmass north of The Royal Continent. The Outlands are made up entirely of Black Zones, and is the only place where Black Zones can be found. This area is sometimes referred to as "The Black Zone".


The Outlands can be accessed through Realmgates. The Outlands contain Portals At the Realmgate, players have a number of destination options depending on which City the Realmgate is located at. There is a total of 16 portal, 8 in Anglia, 4 in Cumbria and 4 in Mercia.

Portal Lock mechanics

Upon returning to cearleon or the Royal Continent (through a portal or death), unless the player took a portal in the last 30 seconds, the player will be portal lock and continent lock :

  • A 10 minutes lock to a specific portal: The player cannot go through another portal if he got this lock. The portal is the one the player took to go back to cearleon, or the closest one when he died.
  • A 2 hour lock to a specific continent: The player cannot go through a portal not on the continent he's lock.

Those lock only affect the player's ability to use the caerleon realmgate. It does not prevent the player to go on foot (or on horse) from one portal to another or to one continent to another. It doesn't affect at all travel by death (respawning on closest guild territory or respawning to home)