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Overcharging allows players to temporarily increase the Item Power of equipped items with the risk of the item being trashed after the boost ends.

You can overcharge all your equipment at any time. There is no cast time and the default keybind is SHIFT+O. As of the Queen Update, it costs ten Siphoned Energy.

Items get a flat boost of 100 IP, independent from masteries and gear level, which lasts for 30 minutes or until the player dies.

After the overcharge time is over, the item will return to its normal state and the game rolls the virtual dice to determine if this item is trashed. Trash chance is 15%. Upon death, all overcharged items in the inventory will go back to their normal state.

Details from Merlyn announcement:

  • Upon death all overcharged items in the inventory will go back to their normal state. The overcharged status is also immediately ended without the additional destruction chance on top. Because dying already has a trash chance, there is no need for an additional roll. This means you will get the same amount of loot from killed players, regardless if they overcharged or not.
  • Overcharging has no extra economic cost. You only pay with the trash chance and a durability loss AFTER the overcharge finished.
  • All items from T4 and above can be overcharged for the following slots: mainhand, offhand, head, chest and shoes. (including Gatherer Gear)
  • Item Power gained by overcharge is also scaled down normally by cluster IP caps.



Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
26 September 2018Merlyn Preseason Balance Patch
  • Overcharged items can now be repaired during the overcharge period
31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateItems can now be overcharged during combat, allowing for a limited-time item power boost. This puts players with mid-tier gear on a more even playing ground, but each overcharged item has a chance of breaking once the effect ends. (The overcharge button is the last icon on your spellbar, next to the consumables. The tooltip is shown when hovering over it.