Ox Calf

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Ox Calf

Ox Calves are breedable animals in Albion and can be grown in player's islands in island farms. There are 6 tiers of ox calves and each require a certain amount of time and food to fully grow into an ox. Being linked to the same node in the destiny board all tier ox calves require the same amount of focus to nurture. However, the higher the tier the longer the time to grow is, so the more times it can be nurtured. All the ox calves grow only while they have food. All ox calves eat plants.

Image Name Food Amount

(plants / time)

Time to Grow* Time to Grow

(with Premium)

Journeyman's Ox Calf 10 plants / 22 hours 44 hours 22 hours 100
Adept's Ox Calf 17 plants / 24 hours 92 hours 46 hours 200
Expert's Ox Calf 31 plants / 24 hours 140 hours 70 hours
Master's Ox Calf 70 plants / 24 hours 188 hours 94 hours
Grandmaster's Ox Calf 165 plants / 24 hours 236 hours 118 hours
Elder's Ox Calf 411 plants / 24 hours 284 hours 142 hours

* For Premium Accounts the grow time is half of the base grow time in the table.

** The amount of Fame displayed is the base fame. Premium accounts get 50% more of the base fame (eg. 150 fame instead of 100 fame)