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General Information

Pasture may only be placed on designated areas of the island

Pasture may not be upgraded

Pastures may not be demolished if there is anything placed on the Pasture

Using the Demolish option on the building menu will return a portion of the resources used to build

The Pasture allows the player to place baby animals (purchased from Farming Merchant or the Market Place) and feed them until they are fully grown

Baby Animals may be used for their products or slaughtered to use for meat

Calves and Foals are used for mounts and may not be slaughtered

Building Construction Materials

Quantity Item Name
30 Rough Logs
30 Rough Stone
30 Chestnut Planks
30 Sandstone Block

Building Demolish Returns

Quantity Item Name
27 Rough Logs
27 Rough Stone
27 Chestnut Planks
27 Sandstone Block

Farmable Animals

Fame Tier Baby Animals Ox Calves Horse Foals Rare Animals
3 Baby Chickens Journeyman's Ox Calf Journeyman's Foal
4 Kid Adept's Ox Calf Adept's Foal Adept's Fawn
5 Gosling Expert's Ox Calf Expert's Foal
6 Lamb Master's Ox Calf Master's Foal Moose Calf
7 Piglet Grandmaster's Ox Calf Grandmaster's Foal
8 Calf Elder's Ox Calf Elder's Foal

Additional Types of Buildings

Economy Farming Military Housing
Lumbermill Alchemist's Lab Hunter's Lodge Guild Hall
Repair Station Butcher Mage's Tower House
Smelter Cook Warrior's Forge
Stonemason Farm
Tanner Herb Garden
Toolmaker Kennel
Weaver Mill