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  Pickaxe is a tool used to gather ores.


Pickaxe can be crafted or bought from the market.


A Pickaxe can be crafted at the approproate tier Toolmaker from Planks and Metal Bars, except for   Beginner's Pickaxe which requires   Rough Logs and   Rough Stone.

Pickaxe Crafting Cost
  Beginner's Pickaxe   Rough Logs +   Rough Stone
  Novice's Pickaxe   Birch Planks +   Copper Bar
  Journeyman's Pickaxe   Chestnut Planks +   Bronze Bar
  Adept's Pickaxe   Pine Planks +   Steel Bar
  Expert's Pickaxe   Cedar Planks +   Titanium Steel Bar
  Master's Pickaxe   Bloodoak Planks +   Runite Steel Bar
  Grandmaster's Pickaxe   Ashenbark Planks +   Meteorite Steel Bar
  Elder's Pickaxe   Whitewood Planks +   Adamantium Steel Bar


Pickaxes can be used to gather ores up to one tier higher, or up to the same tier for enchanted varieties (i.e.   Pickaxe can be used to gather   Titanium Ore or   Uncommon Iron Ore, but not   Uncommon Titanium Ore).

Using a Pickaxe requires the following skills unlocked on the Destiny Board: