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General Info

Pigs are Tier 7 Livestock animals.

To be able to grow Pigs you have to unlock level 60 of the Animal Breeder node on the Destiny Board. To level up the Animal Breeder node you need to raise Baby Chickens or better.

Breeding Pigs

Pigs are the direct results of raising Piglets. Piglets can be placed in pastures and fed 10 plants to transform into pigs after 1 day and 20 Hours*.


Pigs can be used as a food source in the game and can be butchered at the Butcher to produce raw pork. If kept in the pastures pigs won't produce anything else. Raw Pork can then be further used for certain recipes at the Cook.

Grow Time

1 day and 20 Hours*

*The Grow Time is 50% for Premium Users (22 hours).