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General Information

Pikes are Normal Spears with a strong focus on AoE melee attacks, and additional options for single-target damage, increased single target damage, and crowd control.


Item Tier
Adept's Pike 4
Expert's Pike 5
Master's Pike 6
Grandmaster's Pike 7
Elder's Pike 8

First Slot Abilities

Q Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Lunging Strike Stab enemies in front of you. Any enemy hit will suffer 215 damage, and be slowed by 10% for 4.57s. Each enemy hit will apply a Spirit Spear Charge to you, which will increase your normal attack damage by 35% for 8s. (Stacks up to 3 times.)
9 Instant 8m 3s
Spirit Spear Increases your normal attack range by 30%, and normal attack damage by 35%, for 8s. (Stacks up to 3 times.)

If you reapply the spell on maximum stacks, you lose an additional 9 energy. (This effect also stacks up to 3 times.)

9 Instant Self 2s

Second Slot Abilities

W Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Forest of Spears Repeatedly attacks enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing 110 physical damage every 0.3s, up to 8 times.
37 Channeled 11m 15s
Inner Focus Focus your inner strength on the battlefield and channel for up to 1.6s. Each 0.2s, you will increase your damage by 4%, your crowd control duration by 4%, and your movement speed by 5%. (Stacks up to 10 times.) Your Inner Focus will last for 6s.
40 Channeled Self 15s
Speed Shot Makes a crippling attack. Deals 323 damage, and slows by 15% for 7.62s. If the target has a move speed buff active, the buff will be removed and your own move speed increases by 50% for 5s.
18 Instant Melee 20s
Deflecting Spin Spin your weapons as a shield for up to 3.5s. While channeling, your resistances are increased by 151, and you reflect 80% of the incoming damage. Additionally restores 5 energy every 0.5s.
15 Channeled Self 10s
Impaler After 0.4s a giant spear will pierce through the ground. The 2.5m radius impact area deals 427 physical damage and slows enemies by 50% and 4.57s.
30 Instant 12m 12s

Third Slot Ability

E Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Rooting Smash Roots an enemy for 4.24s, and deals physical damage based on Spirit Charges active on you.

Zero charges: 211 damage

One charge: 338 damage

Two charges: 506 damage

Three charges: 717 damage

43 Instant 5.5m 15s

Passive Abilities

Passive Slot
Image Name Description
Slow Poison Every normal attack slows creatures by 40%, and players by 10%, for 1.69s
Life Leech Receive 15% of your normal attack damage as Life Steal
Aggressive Rush Every 4 normal attacks, all your damage gets increased by 7% for 3s
Attack Speed Every 6 normal attacks, you gain an Attack Speed Bonus of 40% for 3s.