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Player Guides are pages and articles written by players that are different from other pages and wiki entries due to the fact that they will have a more subjective tone and will include opinions.

Player Guides have a tendency to be out-dated more easily, in case the game-meta changes or if there is a patch that changes the underlying content. This means that some caution is advised when following the advice given in the article. In case you edit or update a guide from another player, please try to leave a note about the creation or update date of the edit.

The official Albion website has their own section for Guides, but these can not be edited:

The purpose of posting player guides here on the wiki is for them to be editable, open and improvable by anyone, just like the rest of the wiki.

In case you would like to see a player guide added to this page, please let us know in the #wiki-discussion channel on the official Albion Discord server and we will add it here.

Hardcore Expedition Map Guides

These Expedition / 'HCE' - Guides are written by players for players and generally describe an optimized way to clear and finish the map in a very efficient way. They do not necessarily represent the 'best' way to go about doing the map, but should generally be very close to what many consider to be a good way to clear the map and receive all rewards.

Player Registers