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General Information

The Player Island is one of two types of player-made islands, the other being a Guild Island. Islands are used to create unique buildings otherwise not available in cities. This opens new skills and item crafting, as well as a new skill unique to islands: Farming.

PvP is not enabled on a Player Island.

A player may only have one Island per character.

Travel to the Player Island is free as long as the player is in the same city the Island is located.

Player islands may be purchased from the Island Merchant in any of the main cities.

To purchase an Island, a player must have at least 7 days' Premium time. 30 days of Premium may be purchased with in-game currency or via the Albion Online Shop. 7 Days of Premium can ONLY be purchased in the Shop. After confirming that the character has a Premium subscription, you will need to locate an Island Merchant by locating the vendor with a palm beach sign.

NOTE: Once an island is purchased, it is retained regardless of Premium status until it is abandoned.

The player may continue to manage, upgrade, and access the Island regardless of Premium status.

Player Islands all have the same building hardpoint layout.

Islands may be upgraded for Silver up to Tier 6. Each upgrade takes two minutes to complete. Players may not access their island until the upgrades are completed

To upgrade an Island, players should visit the Island Merchant located in the main cities.

Player Islands may support buildings up to Tier 8.

Players do not need to clear out trees, rocks, etc on an Island in order to build. The plot will clear automatically when the build spot is unlocked.

To build structures on your island right click your portrait on the top left side of the screen and click build in the drop-down menu, or press H (default bind).

Player Islands contain a Travel Planner for fast travel to each main city (the player's inventory must be empty). Travel to the city in which the Island was built will be free, even with full inventory.

Player Islands can be accessed by any character so long as they are set up in the access rights section of the island.

Player Islands can be moved for free to a new city after updates that significantly change the map. Everything on your Island, including loot in your chests, will transfer to the new Island location.

What can "Player Islands" do?

Player Islands are helpful in a variety of ways. They provide the player with the capability to farm, raise animals, refine resources, and craft armor without having to do it someplace else (Farming can only be done on Player Islands or Hideouts). Farming allows the player to plant seeds to grow crops. You can raise animals in a Kennel, or a Pasture.

Island Upgrade

The below table shows the cost, not including Global Discount, of purchasing and upgrading the personal Island. Each upgrade of a Personal Island will bring additional areas to build on the Island. The initial purchase provides a Tier 1 island. At Tier 2, the Farming Merchant will become available on the island.

Tier Farm Plots Building Plots Silver Cost (without Global Discount) Total Silver Cost (without

Global Discount)

1 0 0 18,750 18,750
2 1 3 56,250 75,000
3 2 5 187,500 262,500
4 3 7 562,500 825,000
5 4 9 1,875,000 2,700,000
6 5 12 3,750,000 6,450,000

Island Access

Players may provide access to their island to any player, guild, or alliance they wish. By default, only the owner has permission to access the island. The Access Rights area is on the dock once the player zones into their island. To add access, type in the player's name, guild, or alliance and select the + on the Access Rights board, then select "Save".

Additionally, the Access Rights Area reflects a log of Access rights.

Permissions may be set for:

  • Access Mode: Private, Guild, Public, Custom
  • Co-Owners: Player, Guild, Alliance
  • Builder: Player, Guild, Alliance
  • Visitor: Player, Guild, Alliance

Island Structures

Players will want to decide if they want to place buildings on their island. The benefit of placing a building is the player will not pay the tax to use the structure they would in the city. However, you have to provide the station with food to keep it working and you only get the resource return rate for the city's crafting and refining specialties.

Players may access the build menu by selecting H or by selecting their avatar and selecting "Build". there are four tabs to choose from:

If a building is unfinished and no longer needed, the player needs to complete the build and then demo it. You will receive 90% of the materials in return. It is important to remember to use the "Demolish" option in the building's menu and not a Demolition Hammer otherwise materials will not be returned for any structure on the island.

Abandon Island

In some cases, players may want to delete their island in favor of a new location. Players can delete their island by returning to the same Island Merchant used to purchase the island and choose "abandon". There is a pop-up confirmation box that a player must confirm in order to abandon an island - this action cannot be undone once you have selected to abandon the island.

Before abandoning the island, make sure to demolish all buildings, farms, etc. By doing that, you will be able to recover 90% of the materials used to construct. After 1 minute of demolition, the materials will appear in a basket that you can retrieve. It is important to remember to use the "Demolish" option in the building's menu and not a Demolition Hammer otherwise materials will not be returned for any structure on the island.

When a player abandons their island, the next player island the player purchases will receive the current island upgrade level for the cost of the base island level.

Free One-Time Island Move

Sometimes players are allowed to move their personal islands for free to new locations. This is a limited-time feature that normally follows an update that significantly changes the map. An example of this would be the Call to Arms Update which made big changes to faction warfare and added multiple new red zones to the royal continent. Players are allowed to move their personal islands and guild islands to a new city along with everything on the island, including the items inside of their chests. The Call to Arms update allows players to move their islands between March 17, 2021, and April 17, 2021.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
14 December 2022Beyond the Veil Patch 2Journey Back - Islands:
  • When traveling to any island, Journey Back will now set its destination to the city that island belongs to
  • Journey Back is now available for use on islands; teleporting to the city the island is attached to is free
    • Journey Back can also be used in this way to leave (or escape) islands belonging to other players
8 June 2022Into the Fray Update
  • Training Dummies are available for Player and Guild Islands, in "Friend" and "Foe" versions:
    • Allow players to practice healing/support and damage abilities respectively
    • Unlocked at Personal Island Level 1 and Guild Island Level 3
    • Islands with dummies unlocked now have additional space to place them (exception: on Level 6 Guild Islands, training arena is extended)
  • 17 March 2021Call to Arms UpdateAs Faction Warfare has received a major rework, player and guild islands are eligible for a single free one-time move between cities. This move is available via the Island Merchant, and must be completed prior to maintenance on April 17, 2021.