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A player island is an instanced zone where players can have a zone of their own. Player islands have many purposes, such as farming, growing herbs, and building stations of the player’s choosing. From having a place to craft for yourself or friends, or growing food to feed and produce your own livestock, players have a wide range of options when it comes to private player islands, whether that be for monetary profit or a safe haven for you and your friends to craft, refine, and chat.

Acquiring an Island

To own a player island, players are required to have premium status and must purchase an island from the Island Merchant in any city. While premium is necessary to buy an island, once a player’s premium ends, he/she will still have access to their private island. Once premium is applied on the desired character, a player can head to any major city and find the Island Merchant NPC, speak to the NPC and purchase their first island.

Island Plots

There are two types of plots within a player private island; Building Plots and Farming Plots. Building plots are the designated locations for crafting, refining, and repair stations. Alternatively, you can also put a player house on the plots. Houses can be use to store decorations, chests, and laborers.

Farming plots allow players to grow food and livestock, after placing a farm, herb garden, pasture, or kennel on them. Farming plots require purchasing seeds or animals from the farming merchant who is located at the northeast edge of a player’s personal island. Seeds and livestock can also be bought and sold at the auction house. The seeds and/or animals can then be placed within the farming plots to begin the growing process.

The vendors and artisans you build on your player island require food and upkeep, but do not charge a usage fee for their usage. Likewise, artisans do not give any resource return unless you use focus points during crafting, or are crafting things that a Royal City specializes in.

Player Island Levels

Player Islands have 6 different levels of upgrading and receive more plots with every upgrade.

Plots gained per upgrade

Level 1: 1 building plot

Level 2: 1 farming plot, 1 building plot, 2 small building plots,and a farming merchant

Level 3: 1 farming plot, 2 building plots

Level 4: 1 farming plot, 2 building plots

Level 5: 1 farming plot, 2 building plots

Level 6: 1 farming plot, 3 building plots

Cost per upgrade (not including global discount)

Level 1: 12,500 silver

Level 2: 37,500 silver

Level 3: 125, 000 silver

Level 4: 325,000 silver

Level 5: 625,000 silver

Level 6: 2,500,000 silver

Island Permissions

The Island permission system allows a player to customize permissions for other players or guilds (including specific roles within a guild) that they allow onto their island. These permissions are customized on the board located near the entrance to a player island.

There are 6 levels of roles/permissions on a player island. These are:

  • Owner - the owner of the island; can do anything
  • Co-Owner - with this role can do everything the owner can do, except add co-owners
  • Builder - with this role can visit your island, build structures and claim unclaimed structures
  • Visitor - with this role can visit your island
  • No Access - with this role cannot access your island

You can also access the description of each role in game by clicking the respective questions mark on the access menu (board). Players require a minimum permission level of visitor to be able to access your island.

Deleting an Island

To delete an island, a player must go back to the Island Merchant NPC and click on the “Abandon Island” option at the bottom of the menu. Doing this will destroy everything on the island including building and items within the plot.