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The Player Menu is available to players by clicking on their avatar in the to left of the screen. There are two tabs under Appearance which will allow a player to change the appearance of their character or their mount. The tabs are called Character Customization and Mount Skins. Players will find the following information on the menu:

Appearance (Character Customization)

The Character Customization tab is where a player may change several aspects of their character's appearance. At this time, players cannot change the gender of their character

  • Body
    • Face (5 options)
    • Color (9 options)
  • Hair
    • Hairstyle (10 options)
    • Color (17 options)
  • Accessories
    • Underwear (7 options)
    • Color (7 options)

Appearance (Mount Skins)

The [Skin] tab is where a player may change the appearance of their mount. It is important to note that the mount skin may only be changed if a player has unlocked that mount skin in-game by buying it from any local market, any sort of event or has purchased it with Gold directly.


The Stats tab will allow players to view various stats that pertain to their character. There are five tabs under Stats: Details, Kills, Deaths, Achievements, and Killboard. While most tabs are self-explanatory, the Details tab provides information about various player activities. The tab contains the following stats:

  • Reputation Info
  • Guild Rank (if the player is in a guild)
  • Personal Message (this is a message that is displayed to anyone who clicks on your player's avatar)
  • Details (grouped in 5 parts)


The Avatar tab is where players may select any Portrait or Border that they have unlocked. If you are interested in how to unlock a Portrait or Border, the information may be found at Albion Online Avatar Portraits and Borders

Faction Info

The Faction Info tab will reflect the player's standing with a specific faction in Albion Online.


The Build tab allows a player to build within the game world of Albion Online. Available building types fall into four categories: Economy, Farming, Military, and Houses.