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Player Menu

The 'Player Menu is available to players by clicking on their avatar on the left of the screen. It contains basic information about players and enables simple operations.

Player Menu Controls

Player Menu includes the following tabs:


  • Wardrobe Selection: this tab reflects vanity armor and weapon skins that are available in order to change the appearance of armor or weapons. It is important to note that many vanity skins are not viewable outside of a safe area (for example a city or island). Skins are only available if the player has unlocked the skin through the various methods of obtaining the vanity skin. Available vanity wardrobe skin slots are:
  1. Head
  2. Chest
  3. Shoes
  4. Cape
  5. Main Hand
  6. Off-hand
  • Mount Skin Selection: this tab reflects the player's ability to change the appearance of their mount. It is important to note that the mount skin may only be changed if a player has unlocked that mount skin in-game by buying it from any local market, any sort of event, or has purchased it with Gold directly.
  • Victory Emotes Selection: this tab reflects the player's ability to utilize a custom emote. The player must have a charge for this in their inventory to be able to use it. Victory Emotes are found in Twitch drops or by purchasing with Gold via the Appearance tab. Available Victory Emotes are:
  1. Guild Banner
  2. Overgrown
  3. Ghost
  4. Tombstone
  1. Avatars
  2. Avatar Rings
  • Character Customization: this tab reflects the player's ability to change the physical appearance of their character. It is important to note that Gender may not be changed after character creation (Game Support cannot make this change for the player either). Available character customization options are:
  1. Body: Face and Color
  2. Hair: Hairstyle and Color
  3. Accessories: Underwear and Color


  • The Loadouts tab allows you to make and quickly equip later from your equipment or chest. You may also purchase Loadouts from Market Place. Loadouts are used to save time or share with other players. The Loadouts has two tabs:
  1. Personal Loadouts (where you can make them)
  2. Guild Loadouts (for the guild, where only a person with special permissions can make them. Any guild member can use them. Note: "There are limit to 100 Loadouts per guild)


  • The Emotes tab allows you to use every emote in the game, without writing them at the in-game chat.


  • The Stats tab will allow players to view various stats that pertain to their character and is viewable by other players. There are five tabs under Stats: Details, Kills, Deaths, Achievements, and Killboard. While most tabs are self-explanatory, the Details tab provides information about various player activities. The tab contains the following stats:
  1. Reputation Info
  2. Personal Message (this is a message that is displayed to anyone who clicks on your player's avatar)
  3. Guild (if the player is in a guild)
  4. Details (grouped in 7 parts)
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
      • Total killed Players
      • Killed Players in GvG Fights
      • Participated in GvG Fights
      • GvG Fame
      • GvG Fame as an Ally
    • Part 3
      • Infarmy: Corrupted Dungeons
      • Infarmy: 2v2 Hellgates
      • Infarmy: 5v5 Hellgates
      • Infarmy: 10v10 Hellgates
    • Part 4
      • 5v5 Crystal League (non-lethal) Battles
      • 5v5 Crystal League (non-lethal) Wins
      • 5v5 Crystal League (Lethal) Battles
      • 5v5 Crystal League (Lethal) Wins
      • 20v20 Crystal League Battles
      • 20v20 Crystal League Wins
      • Crystal League Kills (All)
      • Crystal League Kills Fame (All)
    • Part 5
      • Resources invested into Buildings
      • Guild Silver Account Balance
      • Guild Gold Account Balance
    • Part 6
    • Archive


  • The Build tab allows a player to build within the game world of Albion Online. Available building types fall into four categories:
  1. Economy
  2. Farming
  3. Military
  4. Houses