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The Prince of Morgana is a World Boss, found in the outlands zone Circling Vultures.


A union of the mightiest of the cult’s Champions and dark rituals, Demon Princes are terrifying to behold.

They are more human in appearance than a Demon Lord, but still stand at two or three times the size of a normal person, with a face disfigured by fangs and horns, and a body twisted by demonic power, with giant wings sprouting from their backs.

They also possess a link to the Demonic Planes, being able to summon bound Imps and Fiends to their side should it please them.

General Information

The Prince of Morgana is the hardest PvE content in the Open World. It is high risk and high reward with the potential to drop items and artifacts worth tens of millions. Very few players attempt to do this boss because of it's difficulty and the amount of players that can be found in Circling Vultures.

Abilities and Spells

The Prince of Morgana has 4 Abilities / Spells: Hell Rift, Portals, Knockback, and Lasers.

Hell Rift - This is the basic ability of The Prince of Morgana. He creates multiple discs of fire in a circle around him that fly out in a straight line once reaching a certain distance away they move clock wise slightly and come back to him, deals physical damage.

Portals - The Prince of Morgana creates four (second phase) or eight (third phase) portals that summons demons periodically. The demons have low attack but explode upon death dealing lots of damage. Demons also explode if the portal that summoned them is destroyed.

Knockback - The Prince of Morgana knockbacks and deals some damage to all players around him.

Lasers - The Prince of Morgana will rise into the air and create a laser that spins clockwise with the center underneath him touching the laser will almost always means instant death unless you are wearing plate armor.

Strategy & Group Composition

For the Prince of Morgana you will need two holy healers with an AOE E spell, Great holy and Fallen are best. Two tanks are desirable but can be done with one, both tanks will want Guardian Armor and an Incubus mace. Finally three single target DPS. Soldier Helmet, Mercenary Hood, Assassin Shoes, and Skinner Work Boots are all highly recommended to use. You use the Skinner Work Boots to run into the Boss room without aggroing the mobs guarding the door. Mercenary Hood is used for Cleanse while clearing the boss room of extra mobs to Cleanse mage's blades. Assassin Shoes and Soldier Helmet are used while killing the boss for the Block and Dodge Roll abilities to negate damage from the bosses abilities. Feel free to have one holy healer use reawaken in case someone goes down to the boss.

First step is to clear the boss room of extra mobs so that when doing the boss you do not have to worry about aggroing the mobs. The trickiest pull are the mages behind the boss, to do this pull have someone mount and aggro the boss then someone else go and attack the mages behind him. Once the mobs are cleared you can move onto killing the boss.

The Prince of Morgana has three phases. First phase is simple it only consists of his ability Hell Rift or what I call yoyo's or discs. Have everyone stack right on the boss in the middle of the star in the boss room so that the yoyo's can only hit you on the way back. To reduce the damage of the yoyo's the tank's will alternate enfeeble aure and shrinking curse to reduce the bosses damage. You can also use block or dodge roll to negate the damage.

Second Phase is when the boss spawns 4 portal around him. He also begins to use his knockback ability. These portals will spawn demons that have little attack damage on their own but become a hassle when there are many, there explosion damage also have the potential to kill cloth chest users in 2 hits. Deal with these 4 portals quickly while still stacked on the boss. Poisoning the portal and focusing them for a couple seconds will kill them. Continue alternating enfeeble aura and shrinking curse on yoyo's while dps deals with the portals.

Third Phase starts when the Boss spawns 8 portals and continues using an aoe knock back ability as well as his laser ability. This is the hardest phase and requires concentration and coordination. Depending on the HP of the boss after spawning portals he will either start with the knockback ability or lasers. If he knock backs first use dodge roll to roll back towards the middle and begin killing the portals. If lasers use soldier helmet to block the lasers damage and begin walking walking clock wise around the boss staying away from the lasers, make sure to stay close enough to the boss while walking in a circle around him so that the laser does not catch up to you. Keep poisoning the portals while walking around and once he is done with laser he will knockback and and then use yoyo's, make sure to roll back in and have a tank reduce yoyo damage. Full focus portals while not dodging lasers. Once a portal goes down the demons it spawned will explode, be sure to dodge the explosion or negate the damage. Once all portals are down begin focusing the boss again and continue the previously mentioned strategies for lasers and yoyo's until the boss is dead.


Prince of morgana Yoyo's spell Second cast of portals Laser spell
Prince morgana 1.jpg Prince moragna yoyos.jpg Prince 2nd portals.jpg Prince morgana laser.jpg

World Map

Worldmap Prince of Morgana.png