Prince of Morgana

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General Information

Prince of Morgana is a Tier 8 World boss mob with 277,829 Hit Points and 1385 Energy

A Prince of Morgana is aggressive and will fight upon sight

Prince of Morgana is located inside an unrestricted PVP area

Prince of Morgana Lore

A union of the mightiest of the cult’s Champions and dark rituals, Demon Princes are terrifying to behold.

They are more human in appearance than a Demon Lord, but still stand at two or three times the size of a normal person, with a face disfigured by fangs and horns, and a body twisted by demonic power, with giant wings sprouting from their backs.

They also possess a link to the Demonic Planes, being able to summon bound Imps and Fiends to their side should it please them.



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