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Unlocking the Pyromancer node on the Destiny Board allows you to use the different Mage weapons and spells below.

Fire Staffs Weapons

Normal Fire Staffs Weapons

Artifact Fire Staffs Weapons

Artifact weapons require a special artifact when crafting them in addition to the normal refined resources.

You can view the required artifacts on the Artifact page.

Rune Artifact Fire Staffs Weapons

Soul Artifact Fire Staffs Weapons

Relic Artifact Fire Staffs Weapons

Weapon Style Characterization

These weapons are powerful ranged magical weapons that provide some of the best raw damage in Albion. They particularly excel at total damage over time, and large area of effect (AoE) attacks. In exchange, fire staffs lack mobility and have limited non-damage utility.

Skill Selection

  • You can only select one (1) ability per spell slot (Q, W, E and the passive P).
  • The Q,W, & P slots are universal for all Fire Staffs weapons.
  • E abilities are unique to each weapon.

Q Ability

  • Fire Bolt is unlocked at level 1 of the Fire Staffs skill.
  • Burning Field is unlocked at level 1 of the Fire Staffs skill.

W Ability

  • Ignite is unlocked at level 1 of the Fire Staffs skill.
  • Wall of Flames is unlocked at level 3 of the Fire Staffs skill.
  • Fire Wave is unlocked at level 15 of the Fire Staffs skill.
  • Fire Ball is unlocked at level 40 of the Fire Staffs skill for items with item power greater or equal to 800.

E Ability

The special E Spells are unique to the respective weapons below:

Passive Slot

  • Burn is unlocked at level 1 Fire Staffs.
  • Energetic is unlocked at level 6 Fire Staffs.
  • Aggressive Caster is unlocked at level 20 Fire Staffs.
  • Furious is unlocked at level 50 Fire Staffs.


The T8 Great Firestaff, now called Vendetta’s Wrath was named after the Guild Vendetta, as a result of a special event during alpha [source link]. It is one if the few items with special names, named after ingame players or groups. Other items are: Rosalia’s Diary (T8 Tome of Spells) and Khors Hand (T8 Greataxe).