Quarrying Skills

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General Information

Quarrying Skills

Energy Cost - Increases your Gathering Yield for Tier Stone or lower. (The item must be equipped for several minutes to get the full effect.)
Cast Time -
Range -
Cooldown -


Gathering CapTier
Adept's Quarrier Cap4
Expert's Quarrier Cap5
Master's Quarrier Cap6
Grandmaster's Quarrier Cap7
Elder's Quarrier Cap8
Gathering GarbTier
Adept's Quarrier Garb4
Expert's Quarrier Garb5
Master's Quarrier Garb6
Grandmaster's Quarrier Garb7
Elder's Quarrier Garb8
Gathering WorkbootsTier
Adept's Quarrier Workboots4
Expert's Quarrier Workboots5
Master's Quarrier Workboots6
Grandmaster's Quarrier Workboots7
Elder's Quarrier Workboots8