Raid Dungeons

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Raid Dungeons

Raid Dungeons (also called World Bosses) are designed for groups of 10 players and have a higher level of difficulty than group dungeons.

Raid Dungeons are also rarer than group dungeons and can be found on the middle maps of the cluster. At a fixed time a raid boss spawns inside these dungeons which are suited for groups of 10 people.

At those location you may lose your gear during PvP fight, because of full-loot zone in which they are located (marked with a yellow circle on the ground).

World Bosses spawns every hour, to check remaining time clock at them at World Map.


The Raid Dungeons are located on the following maps at Royal Continent:

The Raid Dungeons are located on the following maps at Outlands (every is t8):

These locations have mobs even if the boss hasn't spawned.

  • The outside mobs are suited for 3-5 players and
  • The inside mobs are suited for 5+ players.

Fame, loot and other profits

Fame and loot at those locations were buffed in Queen 11 Patch.

Open World Bosses can drop rare items, which can be used to craft gear or sold at Marketplace.

World Bosses give you Season Points:

  • Tier 5: Veteran Boss - 3 points
  • Tier 6: Veteran Boss - 4 points
  • Tier 7: Veteran Boss - 4 points / World Boss - 40 points
  • Tier 8: Veteran Boss - 5 points / World Boss - 50 points

You will earn more Season Points the closer you are to the center of the Outlands, with a maximum of up to 6x the base amount.


Raid Dungeons icons at the World Map.