Ranged Weapon Artifact

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General Information

Artifacts may be crafted into ranged weapons or salvaged at a repair station

Artifacts are considered stackable items and will stack up to 999 per stack

Ranged Weapon Artifact Types

Tier Slot Melee Type Item Name Used to Craft
4 Two-Handed Bow   Adept's Demonic Arrowheads   Adept's Wailing Bow
5 Two-Handed Bow   Expert's Demonic Arrowheads   Expert's Wailing Bow
6 Two-Handed Bow   Master's Demonic Arrowheads   Master's Wailing Bow
7 Two-Handed Bow   Grandmaster's Demonic Arrowheads   Grandmaster's Wailing Bow
8 Two-Handed Bow   Elder's Demonic Arrowheads   Elder's Wailing Bow
4 Two-Handed Bow   Adept's Carved Bone   Adept's Bow of Badon
5 Two-Handed Bow   Expert's Carved Bone   Expert's Bow of Badon
6 Two-Handed Bow   Master's Carved Bone   Master's Bow of Badon
7 Two-Handed Bow   Grandmaster's Carved Bone   Grandmaster's Bow of Badon
8 Two-Handed Bow   Elder's Carved Bone   Elder's Bow of Badon
4 Two-Handed Bow   Adept's Ghastly Arrows   Adept's Whispering Bow
5 Two-Handed Bow   Expert's Ghastly Arrows   Expert's Whispering Bow
6 Two-Handed Bow   Master's Ghastly Arrows   Master's Whispering Bow
7 Two-Handed Bow   Grandmaster's Ghastly Arrows   Grandmaster's Whispering Bow
8 Two-Handed Bow   Elder's Ghastly Arrows   Elder's Whispering Bow
4 Two-Handed Bow   Adept's Immaculately Crafted Riser   Adept's Mistpiercer
5 Two-Handed Bow   Expert's Immaculately Crafted Riser   Expert's Mistpiercer
6 Two-Handed Bow   Master's Immaculately Crafted Riser   Master's Mistpiercer
7 Two-Handed Bow   Grandmaster's Immaculately Crafted Riser   Grandmaster's Mistpiercer
8 Two-Handed Bow   Elder's Immaculately Crafted Riser   Elder's Mistpiercer
4 Two-Handed Crossbow   Adept's Lost Crossbow Mechanism   Adept's Weeping Repeater
5 Two-Handed Crossbow   Expert's Lost Crossbow Mechanism   Expert's Weeping Repeater
6 Two-Handed Crossbow   Master's Lost Crossbow Mechanism   Master's Weeping Repeater
7 Two-Handed Crossbow   Grandmaster's Lost Crossbow Mechanism   Grandmaster's Weeping Repeater
8 Two-Handed Crossbow   Elder's Lost Crossbow Mechanism   Elder's Weeping Repeater
4 Two-Handed Crossbow   Adept's Hellish Bolts   Adept's Boltcasters
5 Two-Handed Crossbow   Expert's Hellish Bolts   Expert's Boltcasters
6 Two-Handed Crossbow   Master's Hellish Bolts   Master's Boltcasters
7 Two-Handed Crossbow   Grandmaster's Hellish Bolts   Grandmaster's Boltcasters
8 Two-Handed Crossbow   Elder's Hellish Bolts   Elder's Boltcasters
4 Two-Handed Crossbow   Adept's Alluring Bolts   Adept's Siegebow
5 Two-Handed Crossbow   Expert's Alluring Bolts   Expert's Siegebow
6 Two-Handed Crossbow   Master's Alluring Bolts   Master's Siegebow
7 Two-Handed Crossbow   Grandmaster's Alluring Bolts   Grandmaster's Siegebow
8 Two-Handed Crossbow   Elder's Alluring Bolts   Elder's Siegebow
4 Two-Handed Crossbow   Adept's Humming Avalonian Whirligig   Adept's Energy Shaper
5 Two-Handed Crossbow   Expert's Humming Avalonian Whirligig   Expert's Energy Shaper
6 Two-Handed Crossbow   Master's Humming Avalonian Whirligig   Master's Energy Shaper
7 Two-Handed Crossbow   Grandmaster's Humming Avalonian Whirligig   Grandmaster's Energy Shaper
8 Two-Handed Crossbow   Elder's Humming Avalonian Whirligig   Elder's Energy Shaper