Rare Bloodoak Logs

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General Information

  • Rare Bloodoak Logs are a Tier 6.2 resource gathered from Bloodoak trees
  • Rare Bloodoak Logs may be found in the following Biomes:
  • Rare Bloodoak Logs are available in Tier 5 - Tier 7 maps
  • Players gather Rare Bloodoak Logs using a Wood Axe to sell on the Market Place or refine into Rare Bloodoak Planks
  • Trees may have an enchantment glowing ring which may signify Uncommon Bloodoak Logs, Rare Bloodoak Logs, or Exceptional Bloodoak Logs
  • Rare Bloodoak Trees will have an enchantment ring glowing blue
  • Bloodoak tree bark is brown and the leaves are orange
  • Rare Bloodoak Logs are stackable; maximum stack is 999 logs


Bloodoak Tree.png

Other Log Types

Normal Logs:
Uncommon Logs:
Rare Logs:
Exceptional Logs: